Light sometimes brings DarknessMature


I walked in from school and dumbed my bag on my bed,and changed into a lavender coloured flowing  Dress. I had put slits in so I could run, my hair was almost white and was wavy I never  straightened I liked it like that. It was really long came to my waist. My necklace was show it was the symbal of the Celtic Godess it was given to my form Grandma before she passed away.

 school was stressfull so much work to do, so many teachers demanding me to pay attention. I started preparing dinner when my mum walked in she would normally kiss me on the cheek but lately she began to change. Now she went straight for the wine.

By the time I had finished the sun was setting. I made my-self a sandwich and packed a few things in my bag because round about now the vioulence would start and I would slip out in to the night.

I was walking to the usual place I would go at night, it was a calming little meadow it was surrounded by trees. The meadow was alive with wild flowers all of different colours. Welcoming to my safe place. Where I never got harmed.

I lay back it was a wonderful night I sighed it was dark here and I wished I had light, and just like the three orbes of light formed infront of me I gasped  I touched one of them but oulled away as it burned me. I stared at them.  Did I make them ? I thought to my self. I moved my fingers and as I did the began to circle round my head.

I giggled this was amazing I remeber My Grandmother telling me 22 people were chosen to control the elements. I had never thought I would be chosen, I could control light I stood up and created a lot more light orbs. I put my arms out and did a bit of me Ballet dance swirling around, as the light swirled round me. I felt safe and protected and powerful.

I head some one calping and I stopped spinning and along with the light orbs. I turned slowy and saw a man he was from the govermant He was tall with black haid and wore sunglasses.

"EE-Light what a very nice performance" he said smiling, he had a verly low voice that easily carried the space between us. "He came toward me but but I got scared and stared to panick the light in the orbs seem brighten. The mans grinned.

"Light we know about your powers you cant harm us" He said I glared at him I bet he didnt think of this I waved myony as  hand and I formed one big and threw it at him. He screamed in ags it hit him. thre the wood. The breanched was tearing my dress and skin. I was to scared to feel the pain.

someone shot out in front of me and grabbed me and swung me other the shoulder. I screamed and hit them but the pain no attention. A needle was stuck into my neck. I was put into the back of a van. I heard the same low voice from before.

"At least we catched on of them" I head laughter guessing it was from a women, the Van began to move as whatever the injected got to work and I fell unconcious.

The End

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