Sat outside in the sun, I smiled. I put my hands into the soft grains of sands and then let them fall from my fingers, watching as they fell back down onto the beach. I could hear the waves crashing against the shore, and I got the impression it was natures way of screaming and rebelling. Each wave was a sound of letting go and being free. 

That's what I was doing. I was on holiday, for the first time without my parents, finally being free. Being only seventeen, I hadn't thought that they would let me. But I had managed to persuade them, especially when they knew my two friends were eighteen and nineteen. 

We were relaxing now, on one of Spain's lovely beaches. It was our second day, and we were loving it. Sun, alcohol and dancing. That was our week ahead. Though of course, to our parents it was going to be just the sun part. 

After a few hours, we walked back. Our small hotel was only a ten minute walk away, which I enjoyed. 

I thought back to seven years ago. I was born in Africa originally, but when I was ten I had moved to England. Seven years later, it was nice to actually feel the sun again. 

When we reached the hotel, my friends went to get ready, while I went to save us a table. Tonight we were just going to relax in the hotel and watch their entertainment. It was all set up outside, with lights hanging from the trees. It was beautiful. As the waiter walked away, after bringing me our drinks, a small bird landed on the table. 

It put his head to the side, staring at me, which made me laugh. 

"Who are you, little fellow?" I said, putting my hand out to stroke him. Surprisingly he let me, and I patted down his soft, white feathers. 

"I'm a pigeon. Food. Food?" 

I took my hand back, and gasped. Had he just talked to me?

"Wh...What?" I whispered. 

"Food? Do you have any?" He said to me. I shook my head, shock pulsing through me. 

"No, I don't. How are you doing that?" I asked.

"Are you talking to that bird?" 

I turned round, to see the waiter stood there watching me. His eyebrows were raised, and was tapping his foot.

"He just talked back." I said, as he flew away. Then I realised how stupid I sounded. I stood up, and excused myself. As I entered the hotel building I turned round to see the waiter on the phone, while still staring at me. 

I could still hear the pigeon's voice ringing in my ears. Was I going mad? I shivered. I had imagined it. Yes. That was it. I waited ten minutes for the waiter to go away, and then I walked outside. 

As I did, three men grabbed me. I tried to scream, but one covered my hand. 

"Do not try to struggle EE-flowering. Were surrounded. Now your going to come with us, like a good little girl." One of them whispered down my ear. Fear pumped through my body, and tried to get away from there grip. It was no use though. They dragged me to the back of the hotel, and out through the back gates. We were stood on a small, quite street, and a black car pulled up in front of us. 

I knew that if I got in there, there would never be a chance to get away. Tears fell from my eyes, and my heart was beating so fast. Then all of a sudden my body jerked. I began to get smaller, and the men loosened there grips. My mouth grew out, and my arms began to change. Suddenly I was not a human being, but a small, white pigeon. 

I wasted no time. I began to flap my wings, and then I was in the air flying away. Bullets flew up to me, but I managed to dodge them. I flew higher and further away, till the hotel was just a dot in the distance. I didn't think about where I was going, or how I was even going. I just focused on the thought of getting away. 



The End

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