OK, this was getting really annoying. Strange people can stop suddenly appearing around me any minute now!

A familiar person was cautiously approaching where I was and seemed to be looking for something or someone. Me? Xaoc? It didn't look like one of the armed people... He looked like an ordinary, wary boy. Perhaps a little younger than me but definately about my age.

I had the feeling he was looking to help me. I was about to call to him when I saw one of the men with a gun materialise behind the boy. Slowly, the boy turned around, without fear. Wondering if there was anything I could do, I carefully began to stand up and move closer, watching out for any of the other two (I'd worked out by now anything in the dark wasn't going to go unnoticed if I was looking).

"Don't even think about it, EE-Immortal, these bullets are designed to counter act your ability," the man holding the gun growled in warning. Ability? OK, baffled now. I inched closer only to freeze as I saw a movement above.

"You can't kill me," the boy was saying, "You still need my powers." The guy nodded.

"Yes, but this is a stun gun. It won't kill you but it'll make our life a hell of a lot easier." Stun gun? If it was a stun gun then how was it possible there were bullets? Plus he'd said that his gun had bullets so... I examined his face and noticed a flicker of unease through the gunman's eyes. He was pretending he had the upper hand because he knew if he used the gun he'd be hip deep in alligators. Ha! Called his bluff. The boy had something up his sleeve too it seemed...

"Well, yes, it would, apart from the fact that I've just been stalling," the kid stated and ducked. Something hit the gunman's head and he fell forward onto the boy. As he fell I saw a third person, another boy, this one my age. The first boy pushed the man off him and said, "OK, that helps, thanks," there was a pause then he added, "Hmm so water..." Was this kid weird or what? The second kid looked confused too.

I began to creep forward again. I didn't know these kids after all; despite the... connection I felt with them. I wanted to get close, to watch and listen, without being noticed but had a feeling it was a vain attempt.

I was right. The first boy burst out laughing so suddenly I jumped.

"Hey, Kiora! You do know that you can't sneak up on me right?" He turned around and I saw his face properly for the first time. Now I knew why he was familiar.

"You were on the road the other day..." could it really have been yesterday? "Who are you?" I demanded. He sighed, in exasperation.

"What is it with you guys and questions?" he muttered. I was about to make some remark when his gaze shifted above my head and he shouted, "Duck!" As quick as lightning, I hit the ground and saw a bullet pass my head. My arm protested but I ignored it as the first kid bellowed in pain. Damnit! I'd forgotten about the other two people with guns!

The first kid was already running, even though his shoulder had to be really hurting. I was still on the ground and the other kid was staring after the strange boy, his face echoing the expression on mine.

"Come on!" The strange one yelled. There was shot and the second kid glanced back before holding out a hand to me. I grabbed it and he hauled me to my feet. In the next second we were running after the younger boy, still holding hands because we were too afraid to let go. We met up with Xaoc and I felt relief but we didn't stop moving. We ducked and ran. God my life seemed to be all about running since I'd taken Xaoc in. I just hoped we'd lose them soon so we could get answers from Mr. I-Talk-To-Myself (I knew he was muttering because I could see his mouth moving). As soon as I thought that, it got considerably darker and the boys seemed to be having trouble seeing.

"Kiora, up front so we can follow you," the weird kid said without looking back. I frowned. How did he know I could see perfectly fine? I shook my head at the stupidity at my thought. He knew everything. He dropped back and I let go of the other boy's hand to take the lead.

The End

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