Another rainy day...not quite sure I like so many rainy days in a row. I grew up in California after all, it never rains there. But here I am in London, being a tourist. It was my birthday present from  mom and dad. I opened the window to my hotel room and let the cool air rush into the muggy room. A sudden gust blew a bunch of rain in through the window and onto the carpet. Oops! I went and got some toilet paper and used that to soak up as much as I could. It failed pretty miserably. I could move the water better with just my hands! So I put my hand on the carpet and tried to push the water into a smaller space so that the toilet paper could soak it up better.

To my great surprise however, the water came up with my hand; hovering in a little blob about two inches under it. WOW! I ran out into the hotel lobby with the water still hanging under my palm. People started to stare at me.

"How are you doing that!" asked someone incredulously.

"It must be some sort of magic trick." said another.

"No way, that's gotta be some sort of real magic!" someone else called out.

Maybe running out into the hall hadn't been such a great idea...I thought. But it was too late, people were already starting to crowd around and poke their fingers between my hand and the glob of water. I started to get self conscious, so I backed up against my door, as the people continued to crowd around me. I stuck the key-card into the handle and then pushed through into my room, closing the door behind me. That had not been a good idea.

I stayed in my room the rest of the day, calling room service for dinner instead of having it at the restaurant. After dinner I sat down and watched some Mythbusters.

CRASH! The door broke down and there was a man dressed in a black suit and an earpiece standing there. No, I don't want to have anything to do with the government here, I know I haven't done anything wrong...unless it is illegal to make water float. So I grabbed my money and jumped out the window. I ran to the parking lot and jumped into the car I rented and sped off to who-knows-where. I can't go to the airport, they'll expect me to be there...a boat would cost way to much and take way to long. So I just drove without any idea of where I was going.

It was getting dark, and I was on a road that wasn't used very much. I heard screeching brakes and stopped just before I turned the corner. I got out of the car and looked carefully around the bend. I saw a girl dragging a still form into her car. Was she a murderer? I had no idea. I carefully followed her home, taking care not to be seen. I watched her as she carried him to a room and bandaged him. So she wasn't a murderer...maybe she had hit him? I watched her until she lay down on her couch and turned her light off. Then I went a little ways off and made myself a bed some place dry.

When I woke up the next day it was to the noise of a branch snapping. When I looked there was a man carrying a gun pretty close to me. As soon as he left (he was moving toward the house) I went and climbed a tree, hoping that they wouldn't think to look there for me or anyone else.

About half an hour later, I heard gunshots and people running. They were passing right under me when one fell over. After a little persuasion the other one left, the girl from last night stayed where she was, nursing a wound. That was when I heard the government people nearby.

The End

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