"Come on," I said backing away from the window without moving my gaze from the man out there. Xaoc stared at me confused but I just grabbed his hand and pulled him with me. He began to sense my tension and moved quicker. When we reached the front door I stopped and looked at him.

"When I open this door, run. Don't stop no matter what just keep running. Into the woods but not that way," I told him in a whisper indicating the direction that I'd seen the armed guy. Xaoc nodded and I forced him a reassuring smile. Then I flung open the door and we sprinted outside. I heard shouts behind us and then there was a shot. Ah, hell there were more than just the one I'd seen.

I risked a glance over my shoulder and despite the darkness and distance I could see them clearly. They could see us too, although not as well as I could see them. Then I looked forwards again and we reached the cover of the trees.

We carried on running until we were very deep in the trees. Xaoc showed signs of slowing but just then there was another shot and it just caught my arm. I felt the bullet rip my sleeve but the wound wasn't bad. I still whimpered slightly and Xaoc turned to look at me.

"Just keep running," I yelled. He didn't seem to be able to see me. Odd, I could see the worry on his face as clear as day. "Go!" I continued, "I'm right behind you!" He nodded and carried on running. He was faster than me so didn't hear when I tripped. I put my arms in front of me to stop my fall and my bleeding arm gave a throb. I supressed another whimper and looked for Xaoc. He'd disappeared, he'd gotten so far away even my super sight couldn't see him. I was about to get up and carry on when I heard voices.

"Where'd they go?" a gruff voice said.

"They must have gotten away," was the reply. I didn't dare move in case they saw me.

"Damnit," the first one growled. Ever so slightly I moved so I could see them. They were barely five foot away. They hadn't seen me yet because it seemed to get darker by the second, especially where I was lying. They were holding their guns at the ready and scanning the area. Suddenly there was a third person standing with them. My eyes widened as I realised it was a woman.

"Tell me it's good," the gruff one said. The new addition shook her head.

"He got away before I could get there," she murmured. They seemed to hover.

"Maybe one of your shots got one?" the woman suggested. There was a silence as the other two pondered.

"Maybe," the second agreed, "Lets have a quick look of the area." Ah, hell, I thought again as the others nodded and began to move, Please let them not find me, please don't find me. If anyone is listening could you please get me some help round about now?

The End

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