A Ghostly ExperienceMature

I came across an old shack in the woods and decided to camp out there for the night, tomorrow I would go and talk to Xaoc and...

Kiora. The girl is called Kiora.

"What? Are you spying on them or something?" I asked, narrowing my eyes.

Well someone has to don't they. Oh and you may like to know... the government is here.

My whole body tensed, "Right I'm coming in." I sat down on the hard wooden floor, not caring about the dust that got on my black combat trousers. I closed my eyes and let myself drift, I felt a cold gust of wind blow down my spin and opened my eyes. I was standing in a field of grey grass, this was the spirit world.

"Oi! Rin get your ghostly butt out here!" I shouted, something appeared in front of me. It began to solidify and soon a beautiful girl stood in front of me, I diverted my eyes and moaned,

"I didn't mean it like that! Put some clothes on!" I heard Rin chuckle and she said,

"Well you did tell me to get my butt out here." I looked in the corner of my eye and was glad to see that Rin was now wearing a white summer dress. Her hair was a dark blue that fell to her shoulders.

"Do you know what? I think I liked you better in my head." Rin gave me an insulted look.

"Well come on. Show me what's happening then. " The field fell away from us and we were floating above a house, I spotted a man in a Black Ops uniform moving around the house.

"So is it only one then?" Rin nodded and we were now floating inside a room, I saw the girl Kiora and Xaoc standing in the middle. Kiora was looking out the window,

"Wow she has good senses." Rin remarked,

"No, it's just that guy is unusually bold." I said quietly to myself, something told me that we shouldn't underestimate the guy that was sent to collecting Kiora and Xaoc.

I looked at Xaoc and I felt a pang of guilt, I put my hand in my pocket and brought out the rune he had given me when he told me to run. I had to ditch the weapon while I had been running and I knew he would kill me.

I felt something tickle at the back of my mind,

"Crap! I've got to go! Something is moving closer to my body!" And just like that I woke with a jolt, sweating in the small shed. I was lying on my side,

Um... I would suggest running Ambrose. Rin said,

I faded through the back of the hut just as the door was kicked open. I began to run in the direction of the house, I heard a gun snap in the night and ran faster.

Something tackled into me and we tumbled through the forest, I landed on my back moaning and a person landed across me.

"Ow!" I said out loud, "Will you get off me!" I shouted, I opened my eyes to see that Xaoc was the one who had crashed into me.

"Ahh crud! This makes things difficult..." I said, Xaoc shook his head and got off me,

"I'm so sorry! There was someone chasing me..." I peered at Xaoc,

"That is you right? Xaoc?"

"How do you know my name?" He said confused.

"Ahh crud. Don't say it Rin I know he's lost his memory!" I snapped at Rin who was about the state the obvious.

"Wait! How do you know all this? Who are you??" Xaoc yelled.

"Will you be a little more quiet please! Come on we got to go find Kiora before they get her!" I began to run again and Xaoc followed after a seconds hesitation, I slid to a stop suddenly and spun round to say.

"I don't suppose you remember how to fight?" He looked at me even more confused, "Yeah, I didn't think so..." I sighed, starting to run again.

Two more have revealed themselves Ambrose.

"What? Now? The wheels are starting to turn sooner then I thought." I whispered.

"What did you say?" Xaoc called from behind me,

"Uh... Nothing it doesn't matter. Now come on, we got places to go and people to see."

The End

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