Shattered WindowsMature

My name is Dakarai. I use to live in Zimbabwe. That is, I use to live in that country before I was snatched away by a mysterious group of people.

They have told me that I am special, that I can hear conversations from far away. I believe them because I remember hearing things that I couldn't have possibly been able to hear ... normally.

I remember seeing my brothers whisper something. At first, the volume was low ... but over time, the volume grew, and the whispers transformed themselves into screams, screams that I could not stop.

One day after struggling with the screams for a while, I yelled, and all the windows in my school were shattered.

The next day a black car pulled up to my house. Three men in black suits got out. I didn't like the looks of them. They didn't even knock on the door. They just bust it right down, completely knocking the door off its hinges. They were trying to hide anything that they were doing.

They came into my bedroom. They were scary looking, especially with their ear muffs on. This was in the southern part of Africa. There was no need for the muffs. Then, I realized that they knew about my strange behavior. 

I had caused the windows to shatter. I knew it. No one at the school did, but I did. These men seemed to know the same thing.

The End

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