Today was the day. The day I, Chillali Rivera, have been regretting since my mother  moved out. This was the day my father married another woman.

It had always been inevitable.  My father, Antinanco, is a very handsome man. He's tall and dark, and has deep brown eyes. Quite the opposite of me I guess. I'm small, pale and have long tangled blonde hair.

The wedding has started; I can imagine my Mother sitting in her apartment alone, painting. Remembering the better days when her and my Father had been in love. But something's changed, something complex that I try to understand but just can't.

I gripped my best friends hand as the grand doors swung open to reveal a tall woman with a model like figure, enter the room. My 'new mum.'

Call me mum. Don't be scared honey. I'm your new mummy!

How old does she think I am? 5? Why can't she just treat me like a 15 year old? I vowed to myself to never bow to pressure. Never would I call her mum. I had a mum already, I didn't need another one.

She floated down the isle. Grinning and waving at everyone. We caught eyes, and she looked away. She was obviously still upset about me 'declining' her offer to be bridesmaid.

I think of it more as... well as keeping my pride in tact.

I felt numb, this wasn't right. Why was my dad marrying her? What about mum? Why couldn't he love her? Was this love? Just falling in and out with other people? What about the other person that's still deeply, truly in love? If this was love I need to stay away from even the slightest trace of it.  I slowly drifted into a perfect dream world.

She was dancing. She looked elegant, every movement seemed to drift effortlessly into one flow. Like water. She was floating. Snow was falling around her head, her long waterfall of golden hair contrasted against the delicate flakes. This image was beautiful. Stay in my mind forever... please...

"You may now kiss the bride!" The vicar exclaimed, beaming at the couple now sharing a passionate kiss. No going back. I was the first to stand up, I untangled my hand from my best friends and  walked over to the emergency exit, a sudden wave of panic enveloped me. I couldn't deal with this, I couldn't live with this... this monster! She was so fake. I had to get out, get away.

I ran out and onto the field that surrounded the dainty church. Buttercups were just sprouting out of the ground, pushing their way past the grass. Snowflakes began to fall slowly around me, like tear drops sharing my pain.

I no longer felt alone or even numb.

This was a moment of pure bliss.

The End

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