Shadowed PathMature


My feet hurt like hell and my throat felt like it was on fire but I kept running forward, I darted in between the trees and branches grasped to hold me back. I had to stop, I bent down with my hands resting on my knees, panting heavily and cold sweat trickling down my back. The woods were silent except for my breathing,

They're coming

I snapped my head up and looked behind me, blood was pounding in my ears but I knew they were still after me, I clicked my tongue in annoyance.

"Yes! I know that!" I whispered back viscously straightening up, anyone who saw me would have thought I was talking to myself, I glanced behind me a again.

I took in a breath and started running again my feet running on the uneven ground, I heard something crashing in the bush behind me like they had no care for stelth. I tried to plough forward at a faster pace but I couldn't shake my pursuer who only seemed to be getting closer, my breath came out in short gasps that sent mist curling out in puffs.

Why don't you just use that power instead of running like this?

The voice was like the breeze in the wood, I just glared at, what again, anyone who's was watching would think was nothing but the surrounding trees and darkness.

"Oh- I don't know...maybe... because that would defeat... the point of trying to... 'sneak' away..." I said panting as I stumbled further forward, my whole body felt like jelly.

Your defeating the point right now. They know it's you, so why not play a game with them.

That caused me to smile to myself, and thought about it for a couple of moments,

"Ok... Fine you win... I'll do it your way" I said with a exhausted sigh.


A man that was dressed in a black army outfit burst out through the trees minuets later tripping over the roots of the trees, he held a gun in front of him, his green glowing goggles over his eyes, and slowly looked around the clearing glancing from side to side like a person waiting for something to pounce, he walked into the middle of the clearing and scanned his gun around, as if looking for something. After a moment he cursed under his breath and put a hand to his ear, and said in a rough voice,

"EE-Immortal lost" He waited, still looking around. Something crackled back through the ear piece, the man took his hand away and strapped the gun to his back. The man turned around and stalked back the way he came, he hit a tree with his fist in sheer frustration.

After the man had departed a boy appeared out of that very same tree, only his top half appearing. The part where body and tree joined was hazy and the boy had a kind of fade through look to him like you could out your hand through his whole body. He glanced around the edge of the tree and smirked to himself, before walking completely out of the tree, becoming more solid. He took a quick glance around him and began to run in the opposite direction to the man that had just left.

"Yeah, Yeah. So you were right." He said to apparently no one as he ran off into the night and the woods beyond.


I slowed down, my whole body aching from having to run so much I knew I would feel the affects in the morning. Car headlights shone from the road that ran alongside the woods, I darted behind a bush, not wanting to be seen because I was fed up of having to run. The car screeched to a halt, a door opened with a click and I tensed my body getting ready to run, even though my legs were protesting, if trouble came from this.

A girl had gotten out of the car and was rushing over to something that I couldn't make out. Her hair was raven black and she was of an average height, her eyes were a strange electric blue from what I could see. Although I couldn't really talk about strange, I mean I have salt and pepper coloured hair that looked like it had been run through a bush, which it had may I say in my defense. But that wasn't the strangest part, I have purple eyes instead of the normal colour, I mean really purple, not some dull purple but bright purple. I was also a bit taller then the girl that I had just seen.

The girl was saying something but couldn't hear what, so I risked moving forward slightly so I could see what was happening. I peered round the tree and saw the girl leaning over a boy on the ground, worry etched on her face. The boy was unconscious and looked as if he was dead. 
I recognized him and caught my breath my mind fumbling over the memory I had of that day. I thought he was dead, I was sure he was dead! I nearly ran forward to the boy but the girl had picked, well half of, him up and was pulling- more like draging-  him toward her car.

They're both one of them

"What the girl too?" I whispered never taking my eyes off them and watching as the girl got into the other side and started her car. I moved behind a tree as her car went past, I walked out of hiding and into the middle of the road my hands hanging limply at my sides, I watched the car's back lights disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Yes the girl too. I cursed under my breath balling up my hands into fists. I ran back into the woods, deciding to try find somewhere where I could hide out for the night and then work out what I would do next.

The End

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