A Little Bit Of ComfortMature


"But they can't see this place," I assured Kiora as I kissed her forehead. 

That doesn't mean they can't find it though...

I hugged Kiora tighter as she began to cry. I massaged her back with the palm of one of my hands and muttered every encouragement I could think of. Eventually Kiora quieted down and just rested against my chest. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

My eyebrows knit together, "For what?" I asked. "Caring about Ambrose? That's not a crime last time I checked..." I told her as I kissed forehead again. 

She smiled weakly, "I guess not..." 

I gave her a reassuring squeeze and she sighed heavily as she closed her eyes. It was a while before we finally got up...I had to go make lunch and Kiora followed me as we went to check in on Ambrose first. He was still out, and he was still burning up. Suddenly I had an idea. I moved over to Ambrose and put my hands on him I summoned some cold water and drenched Ambrose's prone body with it. I continued to do it for about ten minutes. By the time I had finished Ambrose was shivering and his lips were starting to turn blue...that aught to cool him off for a while at least. While I went downstairs to make lunch Kiora stayed behind to watch Ambrose. I smiled and ran a hand across her cheek before leaving and she smiled back. 

Lunch was quesadillas, I even made some guacamole for those that wanted some one theirs. Everyone enjoyed the meal and I ended up feeling pretty happy, despite Ambrose's current state. I really hoped Ambrose recovered soon, we needed him in order to do just about anything! Even if he did refuse to tell us any of the reasons for what we did...I trusted him...I don't show it...not even sure why I do: maybe it's because Kiora does and I would follow her anywhere. I shrugged mentally, I guess we would just have to struggle on until Ambrose came back to the world of the living. However, I am going to force him to tell us what we are doing and why when he recovers, because right now if he dies or is incapacitated, we have no idea what we need to do. 

The End

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