Character 11

Vela - The Sails

Element: Starlight

Gender: Girl

Age: 16

Physical Description: She is a pale, tiny thing with bruises under her eyes. She has soft brown hair and gentle, hazel eyes. She's super skinny and has a long, red scar on her arm.

Personality: Deeply scarred by her past but cheery nonetheless. Utterly selfless and protective of Dante as he was the first one to show any kindness to her. Better humoured than Dante but when she wants she can match him in seriousness. Doesn't trust people easily (especially men with reason) and is very independant but does rely on Dante often. She's gentle towards others because she knows what it's like to be treated badly but she can be very fierce too.

Some Background: Lost her mother when she was a little girl and her father became a drunk and abusive. He treated her like a slave and often beat her. His beating her often triggered her powers of causing explosions. This made her father angrier and hurt her more. One time it went to an extreme (scar on arm story). One night, when she was 15, she was kicked out of her home and stumbled across some men who tried to abuse her but then Dante saved her from them. He offered to take care of her if she wanted to run away with him and she accepted, not wanting to lose the only one who'd shown her kindness. Dante and Vela have often come across the government people but always managed to escape. They have no idea why they are wanted so badly.

Powers: Can create blobs of light that explode after a few min. Can cause explosions, can deactivate any explosive device and can sense traps.

Relationships: Her closest (and only) friend is Dante.

The End

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