Character 10

Dante - Enduring

Element: Fire

Gender: Boy

Age: 18

Physical Description: His skin is olive toned and he has a long face. His hair is black and his eyes a dark brown. Athletic build and very tall.

Personality: Very wary and cautious. Keeps most people out but once he lets you in then he is loyal. He cares deeply and likes to protect people who he believes deserve a chance at happiness. Curious and strong. He is very serious and mostly dry humoured. If he smiles at you or laughs then it is a very rare thing to be seen and is a pleasure to witness.

Some Background: His parents were imprisoned for drug abuse when he was a baby so he never knew them. When he was 16 he accidently created a ball of lava and dropped it on the expensive bag of the lead bully. He ran away from his foster home after receiving threats and met up with Vela when he was 17. He saved Vela from being physically abused and they've travelled together ever since.

Powers: Can control fire so is not harmed by fire. Can control ash -smokescreens- and can make balls of lava in their palms. Also can use fire to get faint idea of a possible future.

Relationships: His closest (and only) friend is Vela.

The End

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