Character 9

Deirdra - Sorrowful Wanderer

Element: Poison

Gender: Girl

Age: 18

Physical Description: She has very pale skin, with lots of freckles. Her eyes are emerald green and are complimented by her long, wavy, red hair. She is quite small, and dresses in very colourful clothes. She tends to always wear beads and bracelets.

Personality: She is quite mysterious, and tends to keep to herself. She loves her family, and would do anything for them. She doesn't hesitate to attack her enemies, and some times can act a little harshly. She's not afraid to hurt people. But when it comes down to it, she is loyal to her friends, and will stick up for them - no matter how she does that.

Some Background: She travels around with her family in a caravan. Her four brothers work in circuses and her mother reads tarot cards and so her family are known as 'eccentric'. She isn't ashamed of who her family are, and enjoys her life. She helps her mother with the house chores, like cleaning and cooking. Rumours are spread around that she is a witch, but she likes to think she isn't. Her father disappeared when she was twelve, and her brothers joke that he got drunk and forgot his way home. But her mother worries that he died, and no one was there to recognise his body. She's been very unhappy and distant since."

Powers: Create poison smoke, can poison someone without touching them. Can turn things poisonous (traps), can also heal any ailment that are created (non natural ailments) e.g. poisoning.


Author: VictoriaGrace

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