Character 7

Zahra - Flowering

Element: Earth

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Physical Description: She is quite tall and slim. Her skin is mixed race, and her eyes are dark. She has dyed light brown hair which is really curly, thick, and long. Often told she is beautiful, she is confident in her self. She tends to wear a lot of floral clothes, like flowery summer dresses, and they are normally always bright.

Personality: She is very caring and loyal. She seems to act older than she is, and the majority of her friends are older. She likes to be out in the garden, and definitely has green fingers. Some people assume that she is going to be full of herself and arrogant when they see her, but when they talk to her they realise she is the complete opposite. She likes to care for things and people, and is great for boosting people's self confidence.

Some Background: Her father is originally from England, but moved to live with her African mother [who he married]. She moved to England when she was ten, and counts that as her home, as that's where she grew up. The only thing she misses is the sun. She lives in a decent area, and her house is quite big with a big garden. Her father is a gardener, so he taught her all she knows. As she is their only child, they can be quite protective, but recently she managed to persuade them to let her go on holiday with just her friends. That's where she discovered her powers. That's where she was captured....

Powers: Has the ability to control plants and to talk to animals. Can shape shift into any animal they have just touched for an hour. Can blend into the background


Author: VictoriaGrace

The End

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