Character 6

Nen - Ancient Waters

Element: Water

Gender: Boy

Age: 17

Physical Description: Dark brown eyes, fine black hair that comes down to just above his eyes (usually swept to one side), 6"2, light brown skin. Very well muscled, but with a shirt that hides it.

Personality: Shy with people he doesn't know. Protective, loyal, caring, gentle, quiet, rarely "puts his foot down" but when he does he is usually listened to. When disappointed he speaks in a low, sad voice that immediately makes everyone feel guilty.

Some Background: His parents emigrated from the Middle East to California in order to escape religious persecution as they were Christian. Nen, although not Christian, has grown up with Christian values, and he tries to live up to them. Nen was born in Sacramento, California and is therefore an American citizen. He is an only child

Powers: Manipulate water, can cause people to drown out of water, can breath under water and has the ability to send themselves through water to see what is happening where ever there is water.

Relationships: In love with Kiora.

Author: Skooch

The End

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