Character 4

Chilaili - Snowbird

Element: Snow

Gender: Girl

Age: 15

Physical Description: She has long, tangled blonde hair and large blue eyes. She’s slim, pale and slight. She often has a thoughtful look on her face.

Personality: She is very shy, mostly quiet. She usually dwells on things and is often sensitive. She is very aware of what goes on around her and the situations she is in. once she is in a depressed state she finds herself being negative; though when she’s happy she’s extremely positive.

Some Background: Her parents are separated and she hated it when her father, Antinanco, married again. She is heartbroken for her mother and wishes that her parents could be together again and in love. Her parents argued and her mother had been in depression for days at some point. She has been bullied most of her life but she rises above it and seeks comfort at all times from her best friend and mother.

Powers: Can freeze things, can create snow storms, can manipulate ice and has the ability to know exactly where they are on earth.


Author: StarFromSpace

The End

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