Character 3

Xaoc - Chaos

Element: Chaos

Gender: Boy

Age: 17

Physical Description: Brown/blonde hair, brown eyes, tall, athletic build.

Personality: Confident, sees the sense/logic of what others tell him even if he doesn't like what they're saying, reserved mostly.

Some Background: Knew Ambrose and the whole history of the ancient tribe but lost his memory in an attack from the government. Not much is known about him since Ambrose chooses not to tell anyone Xaoc's past.

Powers: Can create Earthquakes and any other natural disasters. Can cause madness and can tell when people lie. Also can see the auras of people who are going to die soon, the brighter the aura the sooner the death.


Author: (temp. maybe permanent) xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx

The End

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