Character 2

Ambrose - Immortal

Element: Ghost

Gender: Boy

Age: 16

Physical Description: Salt and pepper coloured hair, bright purple eyes, borders averaged height and tall. He has pale skin and wear dark clothes and tries not to be noticed.

Personality: He is very closed off and is not used to interacting with human's. He feels responsible for all the Essences. He normally talks to ghost and had a guardian ghost -Rin- Who has blue hair. He does not trust very easily because of what happened to him, he is and very lonely person and does not know how to interact with people and normally hides his worry behind jokes. He is normally thought of as 'weird'.

Some Background:

Powers: Has the ability to make their body like a Ghosts meaning that people and objects go right through them. Can walk through walls and floors because of this;  can talk to spirits and can enter the spirit world. Can read people's minds sometimes.


Author: Almach

The End

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