Ka'esica Reborn Characters

Profiles for each of the characters of the collab 'Ka'esica Reborn'

Kiora - Little and Dark

Element: Dark

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Physical Description: Straight raven black hair that reaches the small of her back, electric blue eyes that are very intelligent and sharp, averaged height, slim, pale skinned, long legs.

Personality: Strong-willed, smart, accepts situations as they come even if she hates them, willing to be leader but also willing to let someone else take charge, rarely lets her true emotions show and hates seeming weak, not girly and quite strong physically. Summary; strong on the outside gentle on the in.

Some background: Only child. Her father died when she was ten and she was raised by her overbearing mother. Her and her mother are not close. This is what made her have such a strong exterior. She used to go to an advanced school but her mother's job meant that they had to move and now she is studying the same material again. It has always been her dream to travel the world since her father used to tell her stories, when she was young, of the places he'd visited before he met her mother. Despite the years, she still feel pain inside at her father's death and never talks about it since she was there when it happened.

Powers: Can create darkness, can create blasts or pulses of darkness. Can also cause negative emotions and can see in the Dark.

Relationships: Connection with Evelyn (Details unknown possibly related in some way) and is in love with Nen.

Author: xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx

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