Ka'esica Reborn.Mature

An ancient forgotten tribe has been reborn in this exciting collab.


I sighed. I hated school and I'd hoped to stop after year 11 but no. My mother forced me to stay on. I swear I will put my foot down if she even tries to make me go to university. I want to move out and explore the world, starting young giving me more time to see all the places I want to see.

I tried to force my attention back to the teacher but it was hard. I'd studied most of this already but when my mother moved and I came here I'd been studying the same things again. One more lesson, I kept telling myself. I stared out of the window wistfully.

I wished I got out more. I was quite pretty. I had raven black hair and electric blue eyes. I was average height and I wasn't over or underweight. Plus I was young (just 17 years old) and fit. The problem was, quite simply, I was new and I was a bit nerdy. I was incredibly smart, compared to these idiots at least. I guess that intimidates them. Strange things also happened whenever I'm around. I don't understand it and no one else does either. Whatever people don't understand they fear, and what they fear they hate. It was sad but simple.

The bell rang. I jumped up, shoving my things in my bag, and strode out of the room. It was about time, I grumbled. I left the school in a hurry. I drove to and from school. I lived about an hour away in the car so, being winter, it was nearly dark by the time I got home.

I wasn't afraid of the dark, actually I felt quite comfortable in the dark, but there were those out there who were equally comfortable. You never know what's lurking out there. I was always cautious but there was always something that took you by surprise.

I tried to think positive thoughts. My mother was away for the week (some conference for her job) and I had the house to myself. I drove with a smile at that. No nagging Mother to annoy me. There was nothing that could be worse than my unbearable mother. Absolutely nothing.

The End

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