What I did for this one was I took a one line from a bunch of different pieces of poetry and prose I've posted on Protagonize. I thought I was all out of writing inspiration, so I drew inspiration from things I've already written. It's quite fun - I suggest you try it :3 The only catch? Once I added a line, I couldn't take it back.
The original poetry and prose I incorporated into this are listed in the Author Guidance. Enjoy!


You inspire me, just by existing
Just by climbing out in the valley and breathing in the open air.
[How are these fragmented lungs still inhaling?]
I see the burden you carry. I see it in your eyes. Oh, that I could remove it from your back and place it on mine!

Today, she caught a glimpse of who he truly was. Their silence spoke the words neither of them said. And then, she left, even more confused than she'd been...

Even as I took the draught in the place of the one I love, I knew that I was going to die.

The amber liquid poured out.

Here is my life; an offering to you.
My head's hung low, death's what I expect.

Every breath was ragged. Every heartbeat required effort. "I guess...I guess he really thought you were worth dying for. Worth saving."

There they were, enveloped by the midnight sky, standing beneath a billion brilliant stars and gallant galaxies, yet it was not the song of the night universe that made her heart beat with a stunning rapidity. As the stars shone down upon the small town, they beheld a love more heartfelt and untarnished than any other love between a man and a woman.

She wept against him, knowing that the most beautiful being on earth had just left to watch over her from Heaven.

He really must have loved her.

The End

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