Just Water

I couldn't think of what to write, so I just started typing. After reading it again and reworking it a little, this is what I got.

I had an epiphany the other day. Brought on by the water dripping from eyelash to chin and trickling down my neck to soak the collar of my shirt. I was thinking about something someone had said to me, something stupid spurted out in the heat of a petty argument that I should have forgotten in a minute. And yet, hours later I found myself agonizing over what witty response I should have shot into their ears and through the canals that led to the mouth, to kick their jaw down in shock. 

My hands were trembling a bit as I cupped more water and splashed it to my face. It was in that moment, when the icy droplets collided with my skin, that an idea ran headlong into the walls of my skull and bled all around the inside of my head, coating every other thought and becoming a revelation.

My closed eyes couldn't see the sink in front of me, or the threadbare carpet beneath my feet. It was just my numbed mind and the liquid that was now seeking out the crevices between my toes. Just for that split second, I could have sworn I was standing under a colossal tree as rain dropped from its multitudinous leaves onto my dewy head. I was all alone in the forest with my feet planted in earthy moss, and a spiteful word thoughtlessly tossed at me hours ago was the farthest thing from important.

It's hard to explain, but in that moment something clicked in me. It was a bare wire in my frustrated brain, moments from sparking, suddenly tucked back into place. 

In that moment, I grasped that there is something much bigger than the tangle of bitterness I nurtured. Something that towers above and around me, watching with placid eyes as I kick out at the world for tiny reasons. There is something substantial to cling to, and everything else is just water.

The End

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