What if?

What if she turned away from him? He couldn't handle it. He wouldn't be able to hold his temper down enough to resist turning her into what he was. He had to tell her he just didn't know how to put it. He couldn't handle her turning away. Hopefully she could understand. She just had to..

"Well there is something, but I want you to listen to me before you say anything. I hope that you can just understand what I'm going to tell you. I really don't want you out of my life. I honestly believe you are the one, and I couldn't handle it if you left." He explained to her.

"I'm good at understanding. As you can tell I'm quite a loner, especially since my best friend left. You are now my best friend. I couldn't handle it if you left either. I want you to be apart of my life forever. Please don't ever say that you are leaving. Please don't even joke like that."

"I won't ever leave you, I can't. Now please listen to me closely. When I was a child I was wondering out in the woods. I never really had friends because we were always moving. I went through changes that humans don't go through. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not human Nikki. I'm just not. Neither are my parents. Incase you couldn't tell how beautiful we are all. It's not a gift though, it's a curse. I use this curse as a gift though. I use it for good instead of evil."

"Well what are you?" There was a moment of silence. She wondered what he could be. A vampire? No, that couldn't be right because he was in the sun. A werewolf? Maybe, I don't see why not. He was muscular and hansome. That's what Jacob looked like in Twilight. Maybe that's what he was. Or, a lycan. There's so many possibilites.

"I would prefer if you took a guess. I know this isn't a laughing matter but it would lighten the mood up a bit."

"Ok, this is quite a mystery. I didn't expect this. I don't really know what to say. This is a big surprise. If I have to guess I would say a werewolf."

"Why a werewolf?" He asked while laughing.

"Because, you go in the sun which rules out a vampire. Maybe a lycan but I'm not sure exactly how they work. I'm left with a werewolf. That's all I can think of."

"You really do surprise me. You are such a smart girl. What would you think if I told you that I was a werewolf?"

"I would say that it is ok. I want to get to know you still. I don't want you leaving my life. It will take some time getting used to you being a werewolf, but I think I can handle this. Just at least give me a chance."

"I would love to give you a chance. I don't want us to be apart. Please."

"I wouldn't dream of it." He told her with a huge smile on his face. He pulled into her drive. He put the car in park, hopped out, and rushed over to her door. He opened her door and pulled her out. He carried her into her house. He felt she was so light like a feather. He had no problem carrying her at all. He took her straight up the stairs and layed her down on her bed. He left the room as soon as he layed her down.

"Hey hansome, where are you going?" She asked while laughing.

"Just sit here for a second, I have a surprise." He told her. He went in the bathroom and started the water. He put bubble bath in the bathtub. He let the bath fill up and then turned off the water. He lit some candles and turned off the lights. He then put rose petals in the bathtub. After he was finished he went back in the room and picked her up off the bed. She started giggling. He took her into the bathroom and then they got in the bath.

After they were done getting in the bath they got dressed and went back to Nikki's room. When they got in the room all of a sudden the electric went off. It was raining again, but not hard enough to make the electric go out. Just then Nikki got a bad feeling. Like that feeling that just punches you in the gut and screams, "Hey, something is terribly wrong. Hurry before it gets worse." She didn't know what to do. "What's going on?" She asked him.

"I'm not sure but it's not good. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course."

"Then trust me by staying here. Please I will make it around the house quicker without you with me. Just trust me. I will do a quick search around the house, and I will be right back."

"I'm scared to be alone."

"It will be ok." He kissed the top of her head and ran out of the room. First he went in the spare room and then her mother's room. Nothing. Then he rushed down stairs and searched the living room. Nothing again. Dining room was the same story. So was the kitchen and basement. He figured he would do a perimeter check outside. He opened up the sliding door in the kitchen and stepped outside. That's when he felt the cold chill. He turned to his side and that's when he saw it.

The End

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