This was starting to be a great night.

She just stood there frozen. He moved closer and closer until he was standing right in front of her. Her breathing got more shallow and she didn't know if she could get a word out. He just stood there for a second and stared at her. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled something out. She closed her eyes. She thought that this was it. He was going to kill her. He either pulled out a gun or a knife and this was the end. Wait, why isn't anything happening yet? Maybe he wants me to see his face one last time before he kills me.

"Um, young lady I'm sorry for bothering you again, but I forgot to give you my card for your mom. This way she can contact me."

"Oh..." She breathed. She opened her eyes. She took the card out of his hands and just stared at it. Wow, she thought. How stupid could she be? What was wrong with her? He had no reason to kill her. Unless he was one of those creepy guys who just killed random women. "Ok, thank you. Sorry for looking so scared again. It's just been an off day."

"It's no problem. Sorry for scaring you again. Hopefully next time we meet on better circumstances."

"I'm definatly with you on that."

He walked away and got back into his car. He pulled out of the driveway. She watched him drive down the street again. Wow, she thought. Where is Michael? Why is he taking so long? Just as she said that, headlights pulled in the drive. She seriously hoped it wasn't that guy again. There was no way he could have forgotten something this time. If he came back she would just call the police. She didn't know how long it would take them, because the storm was picking up. She closed her eyes as the car pulled up. She heard the door open and close. She prayed it wasn't him. She held her breath as she heard, "Hello. Why are your eyes closed? Did I scare you. I sorta have that touch I guess."

"Oh my, no you didn't scare me. This guy just keeps showing up for my mom. He's a creep. That's ok, because you're here though. You want to come inside? Grab your bag." She told him as she slowly breathed in and out.

"Yeah, it looks warm in there. You looked soaked, let's get you changed. I brought over a bunch of horror and gory movies. Then I'll order a pizza."

"Sounds good." She said this with a huge smile on her face. Her eyes just twinkled when she looked at him. At least he liked her back though. They both joined hands as they walked inside to join their friends. Her friends were huddled on the couch and the loveseat. They were all watching television. They all just smiled at Nicole when she walked in holding hands with Michael.

"You can put you bag in my room. It's up the stairs and to the right. The one with the door closed. Christina and Ryan you guys can sleep in my mom's room. She won't be home. So, you guys can go put your bag up in there. Kendal and Erik you guys can have the spare room, so you can put your bag in there. Lacey and Justin there is a spare bed in the dining room that we use as storage. You guys can put your bag in there. Don't worry there's a door that closes and locks. Now I need to go change." She explained to them all.

"Ok, thanks Nicole." Everyone chimed in. They all went to put their bags in the rooms she assigned to them. Her and Michael went to her room. They walked in and she showed him where to put the bag.

"Hey, I'm going to change, so can you please go downstairs and wait for me?" She smiled as she said it.

"Yeah no problem, but can I tell you something first?" He asked.

"Sure, what is it?" She questioned.

He walked closer to her like he was going to tell her a secret. He grabbed her face in his hands and then kissed her. He kissed her for at least two minutes, and then finally let her go. They both just smiled at each other, and she thought she was just going to die. He walked out of the room and just smiled at her. She was so excited she just wanted to scream. She tried hurring up, but she didn't know what to do wear now. She decided on a wife beater with a pair of sweats. She decided there wasn't a reason to get dressed up since they were just going to be lounging.

"Hey, I already ordered the pizza, but they aren't sending their drivers out because of the storm. We have to go pick it up. You can ride with me to get it if you want." Michael had asked her.

"Sure, if they don't mind. If they want to come we can just take my car." She told him. They all told her they didn't want to go. They were just going to pop in a DVD and sit back and watch. They told her to go with Michael that it was no big deal at all. Her and Michael decided to leave then, because of the storm. They got into the car and started to drive down the road. There was silence because she didn't know what to say.

Finally, he said, "So, I like the outfit. It shows off and it's comfy."

"Yeah, I was just going with comfy because of the rain."

"I know, I was just messing. Hey can I ask you a serious question?"


"How come you never called me before?"

"I'm not sure, how come you never called me?"

"I guess you got a point. Well at least we aren't wasting anymore time. I have to tell you, that I've had it bad for you since freshman year."

"Really? That's when I noticed you. Well I guess we can start making up for that past time now." She told him enthusiastically.


They sat there and then all of a sudden a tree branch came down at the car. He swerved and they smashed into a tree. He fell on the horn and it was blaring. She just laid against the window unconcious. It was completely silent except for the horn, and no one was rushing out of their house. All the neighbor's thought it was just someone playing a prank. No one thought to look out the window to see what was going on.

The End

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