Getting the gang together.

They finally got to Kendal's house and beeped the horn. Kendal was known for being slow. She got ready at the last mintue and took forever. They knew they would be waiting for a couple minutes. They decided to play "name the song" game. Nicole went first.

"Every morning there's a halo hanging by the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed."

"Um, I know it's by Sugar Ray. I can't think of the song...Give me a sec." Christina said.

"Hurry, time is ticking!" Nicole exclaimed.

"OH! I know. Every morning. How could I have been so stupid not to think of that?" Christina stated.

"Ok, it's your turn."

"Ok, um.... How about... So, I got a question? Do you want to have a slumber party in my basement? Do I make your heart beat like a native drum?"

"Oh, this one is easy. Your love is my drug!"

"Good job, oh look it's Kendal. Finally, that girl takes a long darn time."

"Oh I know!"

Kendal was walking towards the car when she tripped and fell. She turned around and there was a black cat. Kendal started wondering to herself about whose cat that was. She thought that it was odd, and she believed in superstitions. She knew now that she was definatly going to have some bad luck. Like things could get any worse for her. Something bad was always happening to her. She got up and picked up her bag. She walked over to the car and got in it safely this time.

"Hey guys nice to see you, we are going to have so much fun! Erik is picking up Lacey and Justin. He told us to just get Ryan and meet him at your house Nicole." Kendal told them.

"Ok, sounds good to me, let's go get Ryan and head to my house. I'm pretty sure I know how to get to his house, I just don't know which one it is. Christina I'll need your help once we get on his street." Nicole responded.

"Ok, no problem."

They backed out of the drive and the black cat jumped onto the hood of Nicole's car. All three girls screamed. The cat scared them so bad.

"Wow, that scared me so bad!" Christina spoke.

"I hear you on that! That black cat should know better, and really should get out of this rain and go home." Nicole said. Even though the cat definatly scared her.

"That cat made me trip out there, on my way to your car. I think it's following me around. I think it's out to get me or something." Kendal said almost crying.

"Kendal, I think your stupid. I think you two just crossed paths and you tripped. I doubt the cat is out to get you. Wow." Christina told her.

"Shut up, you don't know everything. What if it is out to get me? What if by some chance is does something, and I get hurt really bad? Then you will feel sorry." Kendal told her.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Even though I still think you're dumb. I don't think it is. It's just a cat." Christina said back.

"You two stop. You guys act like your sisters. Let's just go get Ryan and meet the gang at my house. Oh, you're not going to believe who I invited...It took me some big guts, but it was worth it." Nicole said excitedly.

"WHO?" They both asked.

"Michael..On the baseball team. And, he agreed to stay the night with us too! YAY! I'm so excited." She could barely say over the laughter.

"Wow, I'm so excited. That's so cool. You are so lucky. He was one fine piece of meat." Christina said.

"He's not meat. You can't eat him. And, you say I'm dumb. But, he is really cute. I'm so happy for you." Kendal said.

"Wow, dummy. I was definatly using a comparison. I know you can't eat him. Wow, your stupid." Christina said.

"Girls, stop it. Don't make me get on you two and put you in the corner when we get home." Nicole said while laughing. The girls laughed too. They put the CD back on. Christina and Kendal argued in the backround. Nicole blocked them out but thought about the two girls. They should be sisters. They were like soul sisters. They liked the same things, finished each others sentences sometimes, and argued all the time. That's definatly sister material. They finally got to Ryan's street.

"That's his house right there. The white and blue one." Christina explained.

Nicole pulled in his driveway and beeped the horn. She stared at his house for a moment. It was painted white with blue shutters. It looked like it was one story. It had a small porch that led right to their front yard. It had a white gate around it. The front yard had a ton of flowers and a tree. It looked like a magical garden. It was simply beautiful. Then something out of the corner Nicole's moved. She caught just a glimpse. She thought it was someone running.

"Did you guys see that?" She asked.

"See what?" They both asked.

"Oh, nothing. The rain must be playing tricks on my eyes." Even though she knew that wasn't true. She knew someone was out there with her. She felt like she was being watched. She couldn't put her finger on it. She knew something didn't feel right though. Just at the second, Ryan interrupted her thoughts. He slammed the door shut.

"Hey, thanks Nicole for picking me up. I let my brother borrow my car."

"Oh, it's no problem. Hey, whose all home?"

"Just me. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I was just curious."

She pulled out of his driveway and went to drive down the road when another black cat ran infront of her. She slammed on the brakes. Everyone looked at her.

"What the hell?" Christina and Kendal asked.

"Woah, what's going on?" Ryan questioned.

"Sorry, a black cat ran infront of my car. I had to slam on the brakes so I didn't run it over." Nicole explained.

She let go of the brake and started to drive down the road again. She turned up the radio and let the noise of the girls and Ryan drowned out. She was thinking to herself. She was babbling in her head like normal. She was thinking of the weird things that happened today. The black cats were one example and the other was what did she see? She could've sworn it was someone running. That was just crazy! It was pouring down with rain. I don't see why someone would be running around. Maybe it was just my imagination. That was probably it. I was just spooked from the phone call and then the guy who stopped by for my mom. I was just letting it secretly get to me. Man, I need to relax.

They arrived at her house and saw that her garage light was on. It was the outside one which turns on when someone has been walking near the garage. That's strange, I wonder who would be around here. Maybe it was just another cat. They seemed to be all over here. Just then a car pulled behind them beeping the horn. Wow! That scared her. It was just Lacey, Erik, and Justin. She wondered where Michael was. She hoped he didn't get lost. Just then another car rolled in beside hers on the other side. It was Michael. She couldn't be more excited.

She practically jumped out of the car with excitement. She told everyone else to go ahead and go inside. There was a spare key in the mailbox. Everyone else rushed out of the rain and went inside the house. She went up to the car. Only it wasn't Michael. It was that man again that stopped by for her mom. He got out of the car. She froze. She didn't know whether to scream or run away. She tried to do both but her body wouldn't cooperate. He closed his car door and walked closer to her.

The End

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