That was a scare!

There is was just sitting in the driveway..She said those words in her head. Who was it? Who was sitting in the car. She almost did not recognize it, because the headlights were off. It was still raining and she was scared. She quickly walked over to her car and got in. She immediatly locked the doors and put on her seatbelt. She was babbling in her head. Well if I go back inside, whoever that is has a better chance of hurting me. I'll just start the car. Yes, that's what I'll do and then I'll put out of the driveway really quick. Whoever that is, doesn't looked like their parked directly behind me. I think I have enough room. Maybe I could just squeeze. Then her heart stopped for a couple seconds. A man walked out of the car and she saw him in the rearview mirror. She froze. She didn't know what to do.

He approached her car window and knocked on it. He pointed his finger down at her, trying to tell her to roll down the window. He was soaked, and was yelling through the window at her to roll the window down. He said all he wanted was to ask a question. She started the babbling again... What if he tries choking me through the window? Or worse, what if he kills me? Should I roll down the window? Or, should I just quickly drive away? I really wish Michael or even my mom was here to help me. I'm really scared. She decided to just take her chance. She put her foot on the brake and put the car in reverse. She decided if he tried anything funny she would just slam on the gas. She rolled the window down.

The man said, "Hey my name is Pete. I was looking for Lorelai? I met her in Texas last week, and she told me she lived here and to call her if I was in town. I wanted to surprise her and take her to dinner. Sorry, if I scared you. I was just about to walk up to the door when you came out. Hey, you don't look so good."

She breathed slowly. She had to relax. Her nerves just shot through the roof. She seriously thought this could be an ax murder or something! Wow, she was going crazy. All this time he was just looking for her mom. How could she have been so stupid? She really needed this friends night tonight. That would help her relax and think clearer.

"Hi, yes you did scare me. I'm sorry my mom isn't in town. She is on another flight, and she won't be home for awhile. I can tell her you stopped by if you want, or you can give her a call."

"Oh, thank you very much. I was afraid I would miss her. Well that just sucks. Alright, I'll give her a call. Can you also let her know I stopped by please? I would appreciate it very much. Once again sorry for scaring you." He told her.

"Oh, no problem. I will. Bye." She whispered.

She watched him walk away and got in his car. She saw him pull out of the drive and watched him drive down the street. She let go of the brake and let the car roll down the driveway. She started babbling in her head again. Wow, that could have been something. I can't believe I just got that scared. All he was doing was looking for my mom. Wow, I'm so stupid. I let that prank caller get to me. What was I thinking? She was halfway to Christina's house. She figured since Christina lived the farthest she would pick her up first then swing by and get the other two.  She had a Chevy Traverse, that she saved up money for to buy. She had a job down at the local grocery store. She figured if the girls needed her to pick up their boyfriends too, she could. She had enough room.

She finally arrived at Christina's house. Christina got in the car.

"Hey girl what's up? I'm so excited that we are having this slumber party tonight. It's going to be an awesome time. Hey do you mind if we pick up Ryan?" Christina asked.

"Sure, no problem. I know we are going to have so much fun. Just so you know, Marie won't be there. She's out of town for a family affair right now." Nicole told her.

"Oh, ok. Well we will still have fun. We can stay up super late since it is a Friday night and we don't have school tomorrow. We can watch scary movies, get pizza, oh I'm so excited that we only have two more months of school. June couldn't get here quick enough." Christina spoke.

"Yeah, I know me too. We have so much to catch up on. I got Plies new CD, you want to listen to it with me?" Nicole asked.

"Sure." Christina said.

They sat silently while sitting in the car, and listened to the CD. Just then a bunch of streetlights went off. They both sat still. Nicole stopped the car and turned off the CD.

"What the hell is going on?" Nicole asked more to herself then Christina.

"It's probably the storm. Look that electric pole was knocked down over there. It was probably from lightning." Christina answered quickly.

That was a good enough answer for Nicole. She turned the CD back on and they proceeded to Kendal's house. That's when Nicole saw something strange in the road. She thought it was a person, but it just disappeared. Christina didn't say anything, so Nicole just stayed quiet about it. She figured she was probably seeing something. Wow, what a day this is turning out to be. I really need to relax. I feel like that this darkness is just playing turning out on me. She thought to herself in her head. The next stop was Kendal's.

The End

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