Random Destiny

Let's see where this goes!

In a way, we all are prone to all or nothing statements. We believe that our choices are important, and that since past is indelible, we must think that our choices are in some ways final and everything that could have been. I tell you, us, that a long pause will show us that choices do not mark freedom. We are completely free while living in the moment and following the flow of time, not dictating it. Suffering is only as useful as it extenuates bliss. We all dream that our antipathy for this world to transforms into, maybe not sympathy, for ourselves and the others, but an understanding, empathy. Realize that we all have first person experiences, and the world opens up to pure imagination, dreams and illusions, and finally, the truth that felt experiences are the only all-encompassing statement, and nothing is nothing to us. And of course, writing text on whichever medium is less of an escape but more of an expression and a gift meant to be shared with loved ones, like pictures taken at memorials. Let's all insert most, some, and maybe's into our thinking and writing, and I guarantee that not only will our writing become more palatable and palpable, but our very beings will transcend the barriers we have created for ourselves.

The End

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