Title's are the Way to Be. Be a Title.

Protagonists don't want an antagnist, necessarily. I seek other protagonists to share my life with theirs.

There's nothing better in the world than good company, with good wine and food, of course. Let's brake our daily bread and cheer for another beautiful day! Let us hope that the future bring us both sunlight and cloudy skies, rain and sunshine. Let's be happy for once, truly happy, and never fear. For fear is nothing to us but nightmares in bed alone. And who wants to be alone?

Let's be together forever, says a couple in bed to each other, a mother and her child to each other, two friends to each other, to me, myself and I amongst each other.

Let's practice grammar and the veiled dance of feigned originality together. Seriously, Protagonists need to review their grammar. I don't care if it's poetry, for God'Sake!!!


Rolling in cash money!

But Money can't bring joy without suffering the lack of it. And we're never satisfied.

Unless we love, and love for the sake of us and them, we'll make it out of here together. Forever. Unless, we want to go back. But why go back there, or here, ever? To visit, to see how far we've traveled to get where we are now.

Fun or boring- that's the true question of today.

The End

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