Do, do, do. That is all that we are here for. The action tense of the word do. Maybe if I do.... No. Maybe if i did.... No maybe if i did not.... These are all things that I would be thinking of if in fact I did not, Which in fact I did. This world would not be if do did not exist. Such a simple word. Do. Do what. Do when. Do why. Do how. If this word did not exist then the people would not be alive and thus would not give birth to me. Who in turn Did in my sisters best friend. And in turn the Police would not have done us in by turning us in. Why?

Because whilst "Just" may lose its strength. The word "Do" will always retain its power. This is simple fact, this is Simple logic, this is simple knowledge. And in my drunken stupor I threw out these things. I threw out the simple meaning of the word, Do.

The End

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