Protagonize Tennis! :D

It was just a silly little dare...it was just a girly sleepover party...it was just a couple of drinks...when does the word "just" lose its effect?  Is it when a sixteen-year-old boy is given a knife and is told to "just" stab his little sister's best friend at her slumber party?  Or maybe when he and his drunk friends are driving him away, laughing wildly, saying that it's "just the cops tailing them" ?   How about when the teenagers are all fearing for their lives except for one, the one who killed his little sister's best friend, who wishes to die begs the police officer to "just do it already" ?  

This is just jail...this is just a jail...but the bars running up and down all around me are making me feel like my head isn't just the thing on the end of my neck...it's just the ball of stupid that controls my every move.  Why wasn't my conscience paying more attention?  

The End

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