Shoulda, Coulda, WouldaMature

its pointless writing this- the thought that the one person i would really, truly like to thank would read this someday is ridiculous and utterly impossible. but so is a stranger pulling a man off of a struggling , drunken girl who'd, for the most part, would actually probably feed off the pain of being raped. it'd feed her motivation for death, wouldn't it?  the whole situation is preposterous, but very very true. and it happens all the fucking time. that's the most painful thing that this little girl thinks about- not everyone gets a savior. not everyone gets saved from such painful memories. there is someone right now, somewhere- probably in about fifty places on this earth- suffering, their childhood being ripped from them in the most brutal way possible. so why aren't there more people in this world willing to save a broken soul like me?  we all feel that we aren't responsible for someone else who was stupid enough to get in that situation. take a stand, save a life, make a choice to be the force of change, and be that nameless, faceless savior for someone else. you never know who might need you. we like to think that someone else will step up, but if everyone thinks that someone else will step up, then who is actually taking action instead taking pity on the broken? who is mending the cuts, numbing the pain, HELPING? i will return the favor of my second chance, this opportunity to stile be whole, any and every chance i get. will you take the opportunity to return a favor not yet extended to you?

The End

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