Questions for that Nameless FaceMature

nameless savior- i failed you. i gave up long before you came around. you saw something more in a battered husk- you saw life in these bones. but i look in the mirror and i just see regret. 125 pounds of regret. 125 pounds of occasionally pretty, rarely beautiful, regret. and i wonder, what was it you saw? what made you pull that pitiful excuse of human off of me? why, WHY, did you think i was important enough to pull from the edge? i wonder if you saw a little girl- a sacred little girl playing a dangerous game. did you see me as i am? did it break your heart? a little girl playing dress up, pretending to be all grown up....pretending that she didn't care, that she didn't really feel the heavy weight of another body crushing hers. a little girl pretending to breathe in something other than the inescapable smell of eventual death, beer, and musky cologne that still resides in her nostrils....did it break your heart to see someone so scared, yet really unaware of what was happening? because, i knew he was bad-a very very bad man in fact- but i followed him because i forgot that i could be hurt. that's what forgetting does to you- when you saw me, pinned under his body, struggling but unable to move, were you fascinated? fascinated by the little bunny rabbit, still fighting even after the big,bad wolf had it between its jaws...painting the most bitter picture I've ever had the gall to paint. so what did you see?what did you see in me?

The End

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