Runaway SaviorMature

but saviors come in all shapes and sizes-they can come without names, without recognizable faces. they leave before you can even realize what horrors they truly rescued you from.the nameless, the faceless,the runaway savior-the one shadow of a memory that saved me of being stripped of last shreds of innocence i possess.although i've failed you, you-YOU- saved me from forgetting that i am valued as something more than the things i've allowed myself to be used for.The nameless,the faceless, the runaway savior- whose face i can barely even see- haunts my dreams, a constant reminder of my worth. on that night, not even all that long ago, that night when i gave up- i had forgotten all that life had offered . my runaway savior found me important enough to save from my bad decisions- he found me worthy of a second chance. he saw my value, and he thought i was important enough to be saved.

The End

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