Jouto Academy

An idea I have started. Hope you like.

“Okay class! Today we are going to take out the next person who comes around the corner.” A man yelled. Those students below who were about to walk up stopped and turned to go another way, all except one.

“Masaru don’t.” A girl whispered. The man held up a hand then pointed forward. The students went to approach then stood upright.

“Oh I‘m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” A girl said with a smile. “Could I get past?” She asked sweetly. Every boy there nodded then made a corridor for her. She bowed slightly then walked past.

“Don’t just wait there! Attack! Kill the… oh it’s you Kyoko. Sorry about that.”

“Not at all Sempai, it was my mistake to interfere with your training exercise.” She said then smiled and walked into a room.

The Sempai nodded slowly then looked to the students. “Well what are you waiting for? Get to class you useless bunch. If I had to pay out for every time you failed me I’d be a beggar by now.”

Kyoko Masaru - a senior in the academy who everyone fancied or admired. She was often cool and level headed. As she shut the door to the room she laughed loudly. “Fools.” She said. She had every reason to laugh as she was the top Martial Arts expert in the area and a master of every type of Chi. Everyone knew to avoid making her angry. She sat on a chair then waited for the class to begin, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. “Soon.” She said, massaging her hands. “Very soon.”

The End

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