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My head hurt (no need to ask me why), my underwear was still pretty damp, making me feel as though I had wet myself or something, and to top it all off, Professor Xeninta had prescribed me the one thing I dreaded, the one thing that would confirm for me whether I was an EX gene or not.

An initiation test.

I hung around the door for a while. Smiling awkwardly as everyone walked in; some with questioning faces as to what I was doing there, some who seemed so 'pumped' as to find out what were the things they could do with their abilities.

I certainly wasn't pumped.

On the door that I stared at was a sign saying 'Developmental Application 101'. This was the class where you found out what powers you had (if any) and who you were. At least that's what the Professor said. Higher levels that ran up to 505 were for students who wanted to learn how to make the most of their powers, even develop their range of abilities.

I wanted to know whether I frightened the clown, if I could have done something to save my friend...

Someone knocking on the door woke me from my stupor. 


No-one was near me, the lesson must have been going in for at least five minutes now, where did that knocking come from?

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I lifted my head up to see inside the classroom. But... well at least I'd thought I hadn't seen anyone knock on the other side.

I was taken aback to see the teacher at the front of the room staring at me intently. Curious as to my presence and why I was just hanging outside the door. All the students progressively turned in their seats to see what their teacher was staring at. I had never felt more awkward.

I raised my hand and twiddled my fingers a sort of small hello wave. I was quite embarrassed, that wasn't usually the sort of thing I would do.

The teacher- after realising that it was unlikely that I was going to move from my spot- gestured with a finger to come inside the room, curiosity etched on his forehead.

And the door opened! I swear I never even touched the thing! 

It was like... like he opened it from the other side of the room, without even taking away his curious glare from my face. I mean the door wasn't properly closed, but nothing from what I could see had touched it, there was no wind...what?!

"Lost?" He asked, genuinely curious as to my presence. Some of the students were laughing but he hushed them quickly. Surprisingly they shut up, this teacher clearly held respect.

I gulped. " Er, I don't know if this is the right room I'm meant to go to. Professor Xen-"

"Answer the question with yes or no. Are you lost?"

"Umm, yes."

He smiled at me. "Then you've come to the right place, take a seat."

I nodded and took the nearest seat to the door so as not to keep the entire class' eyes on me for too long. 

The kid I sat next to was short and stumpy. His hair was a common muddy brown that went down past his ears and had a sort of wavy appearance. He had clumps of freckles at the top of his cheeks that made his tiny nose and huge glasses seem to stand out even more. I swallowed, trying not to develop tears, I was angry at a kid I barely knew. He reminded me of Andy.

"Right. My name is Dr. McMaddy." Sniggers erupted from corners of the room. "Yes I am Scottish and yes my surname does sound a bit like a girl but, let's try to forget that for a moment and remember why we're here.

"You are lost, as this kind man pointed out here." He continued, gesturing towards me. I shut my eyes as everyone turned to look at me again.

"The reason why you are here is to find out as an EX gene what can you do! Or even for that matter, if you're an EX gene at all. Now, Corsie would you like to stand up and tell the class what your ability is and why you'll be in this class today when really you should normally be in room 404."

A girl who must have been in her final or second-to-last year stood up, turned around and waved to the rest of the class. 

"Hi there everyone, my name's Corsie, and I have the ability to, well, know other people's abilities."

I tried not to gawp at who I was looking at.

No, no, no this can't be right.

"You." She said, pointing at the boy sitting next to me. "Catch."

A ball that had been hidden in her hand the whole time now launched itself from her fingers like she was some sort of cricketer. 

The boy only had enough time to scream, and at that the moment, the ball that must have been so close to slamming his nose but instead?

It disintegrated in front of our very eyes.

"Do you get the idea?" Dr Madman said. "Now really Corsie, with the qualifications I have I should only really need to teach the higher classes and instead I should leave you to run these classes yourself!"

She blushed. "Oh, sir, if only I could." 

Meanwhile shaggy boy was still recovering from what had just happened.

"Did I.. did I...? No!" he gasped.

"Now you." She said, turning to me on the spot. 

Why didn't I see it coming? Why didn't I pay attention more to my dream? The only difference was that her hair her was blonde, and that she was wearing glasses.

She was the girl from my dream.

"Ahh!" I yelled, launching myself backwards, off and out of the chair onto the floor, raising my arms over my face in the shape of an 'X' as I prepared for the onslaught of water. 

It felt for a moment like time had stood still. My body rippled like a bubble splitting off the rest. Sound had escaped my ears.

But then I heard gasping, and cautiously I opened my eyes one by one to see if, like in the dream, the tidal wave was in fact only half way there to reaching me. But there wasn't a tidal wave. Just another juggling ball.

And an apparition of me standing above me.

It faded just as quickly as it had appeared.

"Woah, what was that!" Shaggy boy exclaimed.

"That, if I'm correct, was an apparition induced by our very own 21st century meriser. Hmm! Very interesting. Did you see the way his apparition deflected the ball away from his physical self? Nice. I only heard about merisers in old, conspiratory textbooks. Welcome to the class Mr... Um sorry, I never actually caught your name."

Everyone was just staring at me, waiting for me to say something, anything to break the tension!

"Charmer. My name's Jeyesho Charmer. I think I need some air."

The End

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