Going Under


Sometimes I forget how to breathe. It's nothing serious, just protocol for when I begin to have visions of myself in an earlier existence that I seem to have been erased from. It's always the same, a memory that comes in quick flashes. I don't tell anyone about the reoccurring vision. Who is there to trust, really?

I piece the flashes of memories together in my head. The more times I have them, the more observant I become. I'm under water in jeans and a sweater; definitely not swimming attire. Light from the surface beams down on me. I close my eyes and swim towards it, for what seems like minutes. Just when it looks like I'm going to die from lack of oxygen. I realize my lips are moving in spite of the water that threatens to seep into my airway and choke me. I'm chanting... or possibly even praying. A moment later my eyes grow wide as they focus on an expanding ball of light in the water. I cover my face with my arm when the light obstructs my view. There's a quick and blinding flash, hot and red. It ends. My vision is over. I snap back to reality.

The smell of chlorine burns in my lungs. I forget it's Monday, the pool was just cleaned over the weekend. I shut the heavy door behind me. The pool room is located on the end of the west wing in the school, isolated from the other classes. Nobody is likely to notice my presence in here. I shimmy the set of spare keys that Aleeka snaked from the janitor out of the door. I don't feel bad about stealing them from her, she shouldn't have them in the first place.

I kick off my shoes and strip down to my bathing suit. I walk to the edge of the the pool, silently pleading that this will help me remember something else about that time under water. My chest tightens, breathe, I remind myself. I lower my body into the pool, and than I'm under. My eyes sting from the chlorine when I open them. I want to shut them, but in the vision their open for awhile.

I release the air from my lungs and let myself sink to the bottom. So far it's done nothing to trigger any sort of memory. I close my eyes and begin to plead silently, desperate to remember something more sustainable. Instead what I'm offered is a flash of odd yet familiar symbols. Hieroglyphics, Professor Xeninta had called the marks on my shoes. I shake my head, even more confused than I was before. I think it's time to resurface, I'm running out of air. Just as I begin to swim to the top something finally happens. It's the blinding light. As quickly as I can, I swim towards it. It disappears before I can reach it. In it's place is something much, darker. Seemingly, it's an ink cloud that births something twisted and remorse. All I see are claws and blood. Claws and blood.

I'm a strong and fast swimmer I turn away and swim towards the edge of the pool. Something catches me by the ankle. I know I need to fight back and resist it, but I'm running out of energy. I can't breathe, my world goes dark.

The End

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