Bright days, such sunny light filled days, who would have thought I would have experience so much of it. Whenever I close my eyes, whenever I think hard, all I remember is that darkness, that screaming, now I know what that really is, Jesus it just makes me feel worse. I see all these EX Genes going around outside, Xeninta visits me quite often, as well as Jas, so I'm not entirely alone. Though I would feel safer if I was, not for my sake though; theirs.

Kids, young adults, I look like one, yet I know I'm almost as old as the professor. I feel like such a misfit here. But finally after nearly five days hiding in the shadows, I’ve decided to come out, explore, get to know this place. So here I stand, at me door, anxious as hell to open it. I don’t know what my mind was expecting? Like there was that creature inside me waiting on the other side maybe?

To hell with it, I twisted the handle, opened it slightly, and peeked my head outside. The brightly lit corridor was empty, so I sneaked out as quickly as I could. I kept to the wall, preparing to bolt back to my room if I saw anyone. However nobody came, and my courage slowly filled because of it. I was wondering where I would go first.

I didn’t really know so I just let my feet and my wits guide me, and a few minutes later I met a group of people. Four of them, barely older than fourteen, they were heading straight for me! Oh no! What am I going to do? Are they going scream? Are they going to run?! What should I do?? What the hell should I do?!

“Hey” One of them said as they walked past me and continued on talking to each other.

Hey? Hey?! Is that it? Why weren’t they scared of me? Didn’t they know how dangerous I was? Oh wait… Xeninta said he made sure the students in this school didn’t know about what happened. Those kids didn’t know who I was… how could they know? I sighed in relief; maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

I continued wandering around, until eventually I found myself in a cafeteria. It was fairly busy with a moderate amount of people; they didn’t even notice me enter. I thought to myself that I was feeling a little hungry, so maybe I should just grab something for the go and get out of here and back to my room?

I joined the queue behind a child, barely older than nine, and an older student joined behind me. The child had blue frizzy hair, yellow scales for skin, and horns. He must be one of those other forms of EX Genes, the ones who just look different. The girl behind me looked like any regular person, short brown hair with a white streak in it. She was on some kind of hand held device I had never seen before, pressing buttons. Through her fingers I saw an apple logo on the back of it; in fact I noticed a lot of students with these apple devices.

The thing made some kind of chime and she laughed, did it tickle her? The future is strange. It made another chime and she gave some kind of huff, plucked out a strand of her hair and flicked it at somebody sitting down. The piece of hair expanded and mutated into a rope like creation and lunged at the guy, it wrapped around his eyes and he began laughing as he tried to yank it off.

“Don’t talk behind my back, Chralice!” The girl yelled. She turned back and saw me staring at her in wonder. “Oh hey, I don’t think we know each other do we?” I shook my head. “Wondering about my power?” I nodded. “Oh it’s pretty cool for pranks I guess, not exactly a world changing power but I make due. I can pluck out my hair and flick it; it homes in on my target, constricts them, and tickles them without them being able to do anything.” I nodded to show I understood. “You don’t talk much do you?” I shrugged.

The kid in front of me got his food and I was up next, it was a buffet, I could get what I want. And there were all manner of foods! I picked up an apple and took a bite; I was content with this, as I just wanted to get out of here.

“Hey, what’s your power by the way?” The girl quickly asked.
“Death” I whispered before I walked at full speed out of the cafeteria, ignoring her strange looks.

I wandered around a little bit more, met a few more people along the way but exchanged no words with them. A few minutes later I saw Jas down a corridor standing with the same group of people I saw when I was in Xeninta’s office. I was tempted to call out to her but resisted. They all filed into a classroom, so I thought it might be best to follow them.

As I walked I was lost in thought and bumped into a young man with tanned skin and an interesting colour of eyes. He looked like he was from the Mediterranean. “Sorry” I whispered as I continued.
“Idiota” he mumbled under his breath.

I went on and as I did, I recognised somebody else, that Sera girl. She was standing with another girl with black hair and a sneering look. “You don’t mind doing that for me, do you?” She said to Sera.
“No of course not, Aleeka” Sera said with a pained expression.
“Good, well I need it done by tomorrow, so chop-chop! Thanks bestie!” She said with a silly tone.
Sera turned to walk away and came face to face with me looking at her. “You!” She nearly screamed.
“You know this guy?” Aleeka asked with curiosity.
“Umm… a little” she eyed me.
“Well introduce us” Aleeka said forcefully. She leaned in to whisper something in her ear, barely audible. “He’s pretty cute, have you been holding out on me, Sera?” She whispered. How did I hear that?
“I'm not sure you want to meet him” Sera said with a hint of fear. I can’t blame her.
“Nonsense, my name's Aleeka, I haven’t seen you before. Are you new? What’s your power?” Aleeka plied me with questions.
Sera gave me a glance of worriedness, I understood the situation perfectly. I ignored Aleeka and leaned in towards Sera, she nearly recoiled in fear. “Thank you for not telling her” I whispered.
“Don’t mention it… Shadow” she said quietly.
“Hey! You can’t ignore me! Talk to me!” Aleeka said rather loudly.
“Shadow” I said before moving on, ignoring Aleeka’s screeches at me ignoring her existence. I didn’t want to know her; she seemed like a horrible person.
“That’s his name” I heard Sera clarify before I got to the door.

I slowly opened the door and poked my head in; everyone was sitting down and writing things into books. There was a teacher with a balding head and a big bushy grey beard. He was wearing a white coat, and had put up a number of mathematical equations on the blackboard. Not too sure why, but when I looked at those problems, I knew the answers almost immediately. I can’t remember ever being good at maths. Then again, I can’t remember much of anything.

I don’t know what I was feeling, but I decided to slip in through the door and stick to the dark parts of the classroom to remain hidden. Nobody had noticed me so far. I saw Jas; she was sitting near the front. I also saw that boy with the brown scarf, I felt uneasy around him. After a while, everybody had finished and handed in their books. The professor stacked them neatly before walking between the students.

“Ok, now for some pop questions, quick answers please. You have five seconds to answer them. Jas, what is 85 X 9?” The professor asked her.
“Umm 765, professor Hadhod?” Jas said after a couple of seconds.
“Very good, Skedge what is 88% of 88?” He asked a boy with shaved black hair, a gruff demeanour, and green eyes.
“Oh err… 60?” He said with a blank look.
“Wrong, Bensinse what is half of 456,900?” He asked the boy with the brown scarf.
“228,450” Bensinse said almost immediately.
“Very good, now can anybody tell me with is half of 677,999 and then times that number by 7” The professor asked hopefully. Everybody had one big silence, and nobody answered. “Times up, nobody knows it I take it? Ah well, I didn’t expect you to, I was just testing you” Professor Hadhod said with a laugh.
I'm not sure what made me speak up, but I just did without thinking. “2,372,996.5” I answered.

Everybody look around to see who answered, the professor was rather surprised, pulled out a small device with numbers on it, fiddled around with it, and confirmed it to be correct with a look of amazement. He looked around at his students to see who answered, but nobody came through. Until he saw me standing at the back of the room.

“I'm sorry, and you are?” He called to me.
Everybody turned to look at the back of the classroom to see me standing there, and before I even answered, Jas piped up. “Shadow! You’re actually here! I can’t believe it!”
“Shadow? You mean the boy from… I thought you were hiding in your room, I wasn’t aware you part of my classes” Professor Hadhod said.
“Professor Xeninta said… I could… go where I wanted” I whispered.
“Well then don’t be shy! Join us!” The professor invited.
“Yeah come on! Let me introduce you to everyone!” Jas said standing up.
“I don’t really want…” I began.
“Professor, I don’t feel comfortable have a MURDERER in our class” Bensinse spoke up.
“What?” Jas and I said together.
“Come on Jas, he killed Jaxus, and now you want to be his friend?” Bensinse said in a hostile tone whilst standing up and preparing to fight me.

The End

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