Tidal Wave


 One of the many legends surrounding my mother's ancestors was that one of the Salamancan Merisers' abilities apart from their illusions were that they had these vivid dreams that (without letting them glimpse into their future) gave them riddles and hints about possible events that could occur in their individual futures. It was supposedly the reason for why they were always described as instinctive and intuitive. Me? I just thought it was one big myth.

 But I had my first one last night.

 In front of me was a girl- one that, for some reason or another, felt familiar to me- who had long locks of dark brown hair of a similar shade to mine and mesmerising yellow eyes. She was surrounded by shadows, at least a dozen of them, they seemed so menacing, but she didn't appear scared. It was almost as though she was one of them.

 All of a sudden the shadows materialised into clones of the clown that the orphanage hired for Hernandez and my 6th joint birthday party. I hated the whole experience because when one of his supposed 'jokes' scared me so much that I wet myself; he fell over laughing and wheezing for ages. Mocking me and getting all the other kids to join in with the laughter, my face reddened with rage and I screamed at him. His eyes gaped wide and he screamed in return, but not a scream of anger, a scream of pure, petrified terror. He immediately got up on to his feet again and sprinted out of the orphanage. The clown didn't even ask to be paid.

 Now the same thing was happening again. All the clowns were laughing and pointing at me. 

 The girl standing in front of them grimaced.


 She closed her eyes and hummed softly, a small puddle lapped at her feet, and as her humming grew louder and more assertive, the puddle rose up from the floor. It grew in size and width, curling over itself frothing white at the top. I could still hear her humming over the noise of the wave. It sounded so... mournful.

 Why did it sound so mournful?

 Then the wave rushed towards me. But it felt agonisingly slow and fast at the same time.

 The girl stopped humming.

 "Save yourself."


 "Save yourself."   I could hear her voice but every time I heard it I forgot what she sounded like the moment she stopped talking.

 "No." I replied.

 "No. Suit yourself. Maybe you deserve it then."

 And she just walked off.

 Then it hit me.

 "AH!" I yelled as I sat up in my bed. The dream was over, but it had felt so vivid, like I couldn't remember the transition between the dream and reality.

 Wasn't that how all dreams worked?

 Not this one. When I decided to finally moved, I realised something... well, a bit unexpected.

 I was soaked from head to toe.

 But it wasn't even sweat, it was pure H2O. It was like the tidal wave had actually hit me in real life.

 "Dude I thought 'cause you were quiet and everything you'd be my first room mate who didn't decide to wake me up at 2am. What's up?"

 Seems I had roused Greg from his sleep.

 "Are you... you're soaking wet! What happened?"

 "I... I don't know actually."

 "I'm getting Professor Xeninta.”

 “No no no no no no, please don’t, Greg. There’s really no need. I’m just wet. I’ll go get a towel and dry myself off.”

 Too late, he was already gone.


The End

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