The Demon Within

I spent all my time hanging around on this bed, accompanied by the strange machinery of this time. I don’t remember when I was from, but from the descriptions of things I found familiar the doctors have theorised that I was from the 1970s, maybe early 1960s. The year is 2020. That’s fifty years… fifty years?! Half a century! How is that even possible?!

This thing inside me… it trapped me… used me… killed in my name… I don’t know the specifics, but I do know I still felt guilty. My chest still hurt, they tried giving me stuff called ibuprofen to help with my pain; it did nothing. It was one of those things I'm just going to have to learn to deal with. I was in the future… everyone I knew… my parents, my friends, they were all dead. Or really old. Yet I am as young now as I was back then…

The girl called Jas kept me company a lot. I'm not sure why. She, Professor Xeninta, and the doctors were the only people I saw. Apparently I was in a school for EX Genes. I remember vaguely about them, the next stage in natural evolution. The school had secure medical and training facilities underneath the school itself as some people have incredible powers. People would often get hurt, or somebody who loses control needed to be contained. Like me, apparently.

My sense of time became warped, I had a clock to look at, but I could never tell if it was light or dark out there. I couldn’t leave though. Or maybe it was more like I didn’t want to leave. I was dangerous somehow. Maybe I'm overthinking it? I just didn’t feel good enough to leave this room yet. I think that I'm scared of the unknown world, not knowing what was out there.

The door slid open by itself and Jas walked in, she went straight beside the chair by my bed and handed me some fruit. I just realised how hungry I was, I gratefully ate the bananas and oranges while she munched on some apples.

“How are you feeling, Shadow?” Jas asked me.
“Like a million dollars” I answered.
“I was talking to the professor earlier, and we were thinking it would good for you to get out of this room and see the outside, meet people. We think you should attend some classes as well, just to get more reacquainted with the future. Wow it feels weird to say that out loud” She giggled.
“Feels even weirder hearing it” I muttered.
“I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now, but if you want to know anything just talk to me or the professor. He’s a wise man; he’s the one who saved you actually. The professor has helped a lot of us; many EX Genes become scared and confused when they find out who they are. The professor helps them control it; use their powers for the betterment of the world. I know he helped me” she said with a great pride in her voice.
“What are your powers? You’re an EX Gene too right?” I asked.
“Indeed I am, one of the older students. I can sense life force and drain it if I need to. I also have a little knack for sensing emotions, the professor thinks he can meld that into mind reading” Jas answered.
“Mind reading? So you can hear my thoughts?” I asked worriedly.
“Of course not! I can sense how you feel though, which is how I know I can’t understand what you’re going through. There’s so much confusion, pain, and fear in you. I first noticed in when I… well when you were… back before you were brought to the school. I sensed more than just hatred and anger, I sensed you. The professor confirmed that and saved you. If that makes any sense?” Jas tried to explain simply.
“Barely, I just wish I knew what I really was. This whole not knowing thing is killing me” I said hopefully.
“Well actually” Jas fidgeted. “There is something… we have cameras everywhere nowadays, the professor tried to prevent the footage of you going public, unfortunately you were world news. Well the creature was anyway. Nobody but the senior students at the school knows about you however, he was able to prevent that. Anyways, what I'm saying is… we have recordings of you… if you want to see them that is of course?”
“What… like videos and stuff?” I asked confused.
“Something like that” Jas confirmed.
“May I see it? I just need to know what’s inside me” I begged her.
“Ok… but be prepared” Jas warned.

She took my hand and led me off of the bed and out of the room. A few criss-crosses later and we came into another room with a few seats and a particularly large and flat television. I didn’t know they could make these things like that. She sat me down and flicked some switches, the lights went off and after a few minutes of fiddling around, the television came on and showed some very clear images! In colour too!

“Now I'm not really supposed to show you this until you’re ready” Jas began doubting.
“Please, Jas. I need to see this” I encouraged her.
“Ok… well… here we go” Jas gulped as she pressed a button at the base of the television.

The screen went black for a second before it started playing more things. It was grainy, after seeing the clear images I could see a distinct difference between the qualities. It was night time, raining, in the middle of a brightly lit street. There are some people a little way away; I recognised one of them as Jas.

“This is Jenny Song reporting live from downtown Toronto, we have received reports of a creature of violence terrorising the streets and we have just found the EX Gene squad dispatched from Professor Xeninta’s school of EX Genes. As you can see they are undergoing covert operations to bring the culprit at large, they have tracked the assailant in an alleyway over there. We have been advised to stay back for our own sakes, let’s try to see what’s happening” An Asian lady with some kind of microphone in her hand was speaking to the camera. A news reporter! So this is a news broadcast.

The camera zoomed in on Jas, and then to a young man with dark skin and shaved hair, and then to a man wearing a brown scarf with a neat haircut and light brown hair. They were all wearing navy blue spandex uniforms with green stripes but with varying alterations between all the people. There were at least a dozen of them. The guy with the brown scarf seemed to be a leader, and he ventured into a dark alleyway by himself. They were shouting at each other but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Another person in that kind of uniform came straight past the camera; she had blonde hair and was rather petite with blue eyes. The reporter instantly asked her questions.
“Excuse me, miss! Jennie Song, channel 5 news. Can you give us an idea of what is happening to the tracking of the supposed individual creating mass violence” She asked quickly.
“No comment, now please stand back, it’s not safe” the girl said whilst ushering the news reported backwards.

Suddenly there was a huge yellow flash coming from inside the alleyway and a scream. That boy was screaming… no wait there was another scream… a roar perhaps? It sent shivers down my spine. The girl ushering the reporter back told her to stay here before her hair started to fly madly in the wind, she was lifted off of her feet and she flew over to the group of people by the alleyway.

“There appears to be something happening!” the reporter began saying to the camera whilst keeping her eyes on the alleyway. “I don’t know if we caught that. There was a yellow flash of some kind from the alleyway that one of them travelled down. Another EX Gene has just joined them, a wind controller by the looks of it. Ernie, check our sound system, make sure we can catch that noise! There is some kind of roar coming from over there; it is very loud, and feral. We’re going to try and get a better look.”

They began edging closer whilst the camera got a bit shaky. The wind woman waved her hands and I could visibly see a powerful gust of wind come out of the alleyway. Along with it, something big came out, but it was quick, I didn’t really see it. The camera was trying to focus on the centre of attention but there was no clear shot. The people began yelling, and another roar came from that direction, the camera tried to find what was making it, but it was too dark and the rain was spoiling the images.

“There appears to be some kind of… creature over there… it’s huge… my god it looks like a demon. Is it coming up on the camera? No?! Do something! I want to remind our viewers that this is live, my name is Jenny Song, and this is exclusive to channel 5. Come on Ernie we have to get a clear shot a- OH MY GOD!!” She screamed.

The camera caught something massive move at insane speeds with that bone chilling roar again; it made me scared just to hear it. The boy with the brown scarf created a yellow wall in front of him, it slowed whatever that thing was down, the rest of them fired all kinds of abilities at it. There was an explosion followed by a cloud of dust.

“The EX Genes have started fighting with this creature! I think they got it!”

Something burst out of the dust cloud, the EX Genes started screaming and yelling as a black blur rushed between them all. They all fell over with huge claw marks on their chests. Massive! Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex had used its foot to kick them. They were screaming in pain. People were flying everywhere.

“Oh! God! Umm… something is attacking the EX Genes! They are dropping quickly! I can barely see it!”

The boy with the brown scarf was crawling away from the dust cloud; a huge silhouette was following him from the cloud. But then the camera jerked away to see a car flying through the air, forcing it to back off. The dark skinned boy was yelling at something, and then he began wrapping himself in metal from all around the street, creating a metal body for himself.

“It appears that one of the EX Genes has used a power of magnetism to create armour for himself, I think he’s going to take on the creature himself!”

The metal warrior lunged forward and grappled with something as big as he was, he punched it and it fell down, but a split second later it was back up and clawing at it with huge arms! The magnetic boy raised his arms and fired some kind of beam from his hands, causing a large explosion. I couldn’t see much after that, but soon a black ball that glowed with a hint of dark red shot at the magnetic boy, causing another huge explosion and pieces of metal went flying everywhere. The cameraman has to jump to the floor to avoid shrapnel, the reporter was screaming at the top of her lungs now.

“Ernie! Are you ok!? OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!” She screamed in terror.

The camera panned up to view something demonic, terrifying, something that made me flinch in fear at the sight of it. A ten foot tall creature was standing on top of the boy. It had glowing red eyes with no pupils, black scaly skin, arms and legs the size of tree trunks, with claws at the end of them the size of my forearm, it had a tail as well! It had to be at least six foot long; it had razor sharp looking spikes embedded out of it all the way from the base to the end.
Its back was also covered in around four foot long spikes lined up along its back. Its face was flat, its jaw wide and its mouth huge, in that mouth was teeth most threatening, two slits for nostrils, and a thin layer of bone and skin coming out of its neck going above its head, making it look like a crown from an angle.

The magnetism boy was dead at its feet. More than that, there’s nothing left! He's been torn to shreds! Completely unrecognisable! The rest of the Ex Genes turned to face it in anger. It roared again, but then I looked away. I tried to cover my ears and shut my eyes. I couldn’t watch it! It was too much! I opened my eyes a few minutes later to see the creature thrashing on the floor, shrinking, its skin going pale.
Eventually it was gone, and in its place was an old naked man, non-responsive, on the ground. He looked dead. That’s when I realised. That was me. The last thing I saw on the television was Xeninta walked towards me, his hands massaging his temple.

The lights came on and the television went off. I was horrified. That thing… was me? That thing is in me?! I killed that boy! It was me! IT WAS ME!!

“Shadow, are you ok?!” Jas came over to me hurriedly as she saw me hyperventilating.

The room was getting dizzy; it was getting hard to think. I fell to my knees and vomited over the floor.

The End

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