The Girl With No Past


I waited, hopeful for days for the serum to work. I wanted nothing more to relinquish my forgetful state, and put the pieces of the puzzle together. The memories never came though. I wasn't sad, but frustrated. I refused to agree to anymore testing. I was warranted against creating any more portholes, since I was uneducated. That was fine with me, I wasn't sure how to create one in the first place.

I attended all my classes and began to reinvent myself. When my classmates found out about my amnesia they began to regard me differently. Sneaking glances in my direction, whispering behind my back, shooting me sympathetic looks. All of it was sickening. I didn't want to be looked at as the girl with no past, so I focused even harder on the present. I made jokes at my own expense, to ease the awkward tension. I socialized more, and followed the material in class. Acing my assignments and impressing my instructors in academic and physical reliance. The school offered a wide variety of classes. I took up fencing as an alternative elective. It was a good distraction. It wasn't enough though. My classmates still looked upon me with scrutiny. To them I was useless. I was an Ex Gene sure, but what good was that when I couldn't access my ability.

I found other ways to fit in with the misfits. It began with a conversation in the lunch room. I sat with Aleeka Harpeije, an upper classman, who was held behind a grade in Science. She had been copying off of my homework and cheating off of my tests since I started here six months ago. In return she allowed me to sit with her and her friends at lunch. I was rarely spoken to directly, except for today. I was opening my chocolate milk when Aleeka produced a ring of keys. I nearly spilled my milk on the table when she made direct contact with me, holding the keys out in front of me. It was a test, to see if I was compatible with the rest of the group. They wanted to see if I had the gull to do their bidding.

“W-Where did you get those?”

Aleeka shrugged, “Details are not important Sera.” She giggled. I glanced up at Aleeka's lackeys sitting around her. Merrick, a stocky boy whose lips were painted black, he constantly wore an aloof expression, to show his disinterest, I guess. Then there was Checka, she had dyed black hair with a pixie cut, her eyebrows were shaved, so as nothing could ever surprise her. Aleeka herself was a chameleon. Dressing only how she felt. Her hair was naturally black, and unlike her friends she didn't need to paint or shave anything for you to glimpse her dark aura. Yet at the same time there was something alluring about her. Her long black hair fell in tresses down her back, her eyes balanced between violet and indigo. She was beautiful in a victorian-gothic sort of way. I would do anything for her, my conscience told me. I shook my head, and glared at Aleeka. She was manipulating my mind. Yet again.

“What do you want me to do?” I growled.

Aleeka smiled. “Testy today aren't we Sera? Did you forget your manners, along with everything else?”

Her lackeys burst out into laughter. Oh yeah real funny.

Aleeka held up her hands to silence Merrick and Checka. Instantly the table grew quiet. She leaned forward and began to speak in a hushed tone. “These are the keys to room 232A. The surveillance room. Yesterday things got a little tense in the locker rooms. You see Abbera over there?”

We all glanced at the once perky blonde who's hair had mysteriously turned yellow maybe or maybe not from a bad run in with peroxide. It was no lie that Aleeka and Abera, hated each other. They were cousins, but their feud was less than relative. They were always trying to one up another. I'm not sure either of them remembered why they were fighting.

Aleeka scoffed as Abbera's friends doted over her hair. “Anyways the video footage is reviewed on Wednesdays. Today is tuesday.” She said slowly.

Her lackeys grinned at me. They didn't think I would do it. The bell rang and I snatched the key's out of Aleeka's grasp. In response she hugged me like we were the best of friends. I tried my best not to recoil at her touch.

The End

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