Melissa: Proper SleepMature

“I’m...I’m fine,” I muster after the initial shock and guilt had subsided, “but I’m not sure where I am,” I thought it instead of speaking it aloud; lord knows what Adrian would’ve thought. I had been practicing with my mind a lot since I realised what that wolf could do, I would make sure he could only hear what I wanted him to hear. I smiled at Adrian, nodding as he mentioned what I could do to help preserve my blood-levels.

I laid my head back against the brick, curling up slightly so I could sleep. Adrian sat next to me, “I think I have an idea where you are, but I'm not sure,” I half-ignored Bane’s murmuring’s as Adrian fell asleep too, his arms slowly winding around me tightly. It was almost protective as when I tried to move away I heard him growl. I could feel everything and hear everything when I’m asleep... I must lose that after sex...

"Well uh... don't come alone," I stuttered because of Adrian’s movements, I kinda liked it though, because his arms were strong and I felt so much power there... it was defensive and strong.

"Who am I supposed to get as back up?" Wow, really? He was a wolf. Wolves come in packs. Who else? I chose not to justify his question with a valid answer.

"There are loads of wolves above me, lord knows what other creatures are here, this is no small hideout and there will be loads of hunters here."

"I suppose I can ask the pack. Two of them are here at least," there we are. I was still not really paying attention to what he was saying though, I had moved my arms around Adrian’s waist and his head rested against mine. I realised then that every other vampire that was thrown down here probably ended up attacking him... he probably just missed the attention.

"Yeah, that would be best."

"I'll see what I can do." I let my mind wander to Adrian, how lonely he must be, why he might’ve been so defensive around me and why he was now being protective over me. "Who is that?"

"He’s a umm... shifter, in the same cell as me." He was quiet, but I couldn’t tell what he was doing. "He's protecting me, don't get in a huff,” I tried to explain but he was still silent, "Fine."

"I'm not in a huff'"

"Well, you've become awfully silent."

"I'm looking for the pack,” good. Though, I didn’t want to let Adrian go. I felt like I should be here for him, he had no one else... I was silent then, pushing Bane away as I made myself awake. I didn’t really need to sleep. There had been no need for sleep; I simply did it so I didn’t have to talk to Adrian and Bane at the same time.

“You’re not like others,” he murmured looking down at me, “I wasn’t asleep.” It was hard to tell, Adrian’s heart was so slow anyway I couldn’t tell if he was asleep, his heartbeat stayed the same. “You’re practically human.”

“You don’t know how much that means to me,” I muttered, looking up at him, “I don’t like to accept my beast, so, I try my best...”

“I noticed, you’re unique among your kind... I don’t want any of them touching you.”

“Them... the hunters?” I asked and he nodded.

“It’s been a while I’ve seen someone withhold the manners they were born with. You shouldn’t be tainted by this place.” So that was it? He didn’t want me to be spoiled... odd, this guy was odd but I appreciate it. I moved away and looked at him, his eyes weren’t as cold as usual, but, he was still hiding a lot from me and I didn’t expect him to open up so soon. I guess when vampires are thrown down here they don’t just come to feed; they’re tested by Adrian... and all failed so far.

 It was then, when I almost pulled a soft smile from him a large male hunter and a slender, yet tall woman with a silver whip came into the room, “well, isn’t this sweet? Fine, if you don’t want to feed you’ll starve and eat yourself up from the inside,” the woman spat, commanding the man to pull me to my feet with a flick of her wrist.

Adrian snarled, launching at the man, only to get a silver whip to his back causing him to yelp. I winced at the sound; it didn’t burn like it would if he’d been a werewolf so I figure he wasn’t weak to silver... neither was I but by the sounds of it there are mostly werewolves here. “You’re getting thrown in the cell next to here, the wraith in there just... moved on,” she scoffed, “and you’re getting a bit too close for our comfort.” Something about the way they phrased that made me wonder about just why they kept a shifter, who wasn’t weak against sunlight in the basement and why exactly did they sound so afraid?  Adrian simply snarled from his position on the floor where the woman was now digging her stiletto into his back. What kind of hunter wears stilettos? No... This woman didn’t do the hard work... she ran this place I bet.

I growled, “Fine, I’ll move. But leave him alone,” She kicked him sharply in the ribs and nodded.

“Sure... we’ll leave him alone, he’ll have no more ‘company,’” She kicked him again and I heard a horrid cracking sound as he stretched out across the floor. I shook myself free from the man, running to Adrian’s side.

“Adrian... I’ll come back for you,” I hugged his head, kissing it as he let out a murmur, passing out in the next second.

"Bane... hurry," I whined in my head as he tugged me away muttering something about how sweet it was. I wasn’t knocked out for this move as it was only next door.

"What's going on?"

"They're splitting me from Adrian..." He didn’t seem to understand, so I had to make something off, "I'm a social creature, with no one near me I'll snap and I didn't drink from him like I was supposed to... I couldn't. If I drink from a hunter they'll kill me!"

"I suppose you can't tell them that?" Wait, what? Did he think I was suddenly friends with these people? That these hunters would let me out to feed should I just ask?

"You think they'd care?" Honestly Bane, what the fuck?

"They'd care about one of their own though."

"Right yeah, of course. Bane I thought you were fucking smart?"

"Don't snap at me, I'm putting my neck on the line to get you out of there,” what? A random person I don’t know, just vowed to protect me whilst Lazarus there is bothered about his neck? Right, whatever.

"Then if it matters so much about your neck, don't fucking bother." There was blood painted on the walls, but it was dried and no use to me. The smell was still there, pungent, coppery and... divine. It was hard enough not to sit and lick the walls.

“I’m doing my best, Melissa,” I didn’t care, he didn’t protect me from the pack, he didn’t protect me when I was with him so the hunters wouldn’t get me and now he was being fucking whiney about rescuing me. I tried to push him out of my head and he growled at me. "Don't bother, Lazarus, I'd rather rot away in here. If I even see your face I will lock myself back in this room."

"Nice to know I mean so much to you."

"I love you, but... I need someone who can protect me from hunters and the local pack, so I don't keep getting kidnapped every fucking night!"

"They took you from me in my sleep."

"Yeah? Adrian had his arms tightly around me when he slept so they didn't do anything to me,” I didn’t actually tell him that he wasn’t asleep, but, had he been I could pretty much assume that his hold wouldn’t have weakened.

“Well then Adrian can get you out of there.”

I snarled, “If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in here.”

"How so?"

"When I have sex it puts me in a deeper sleep afterwards, otherwise I would've heard them." As much as I hate to admit it, my body is dead. So yeah, necrophilia. But, I sleep to get energy back into my muscles, the more energy I exert the deeper the sleep.

"And how is it my fault that I was in an equally deep sleep and also didn't hear them?"

"Because I never wanted to... I just wanted to make you happy; because you'd made me happy by saying you loved me."

"Then you should've said." Wait, I’d forgotten who I was talking to... I was talking to Bane, not Lazarus. Meh, they’re both the same anyway.

"You seemed eager."

"Of course I did, I thought it was consensual."

I sighed, “Bane, be careful.” And with that, I cut him off. I ran around in circles as fast as I could until I fell asleep automatically. I didn’t hear of feel anything... it reminded me of the times when I was human. Proper sleep.

The End

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