Melissa: Closer StillMature

I needed to drink and badly, I pulled a man from a library after impressing him with some Shakespeare, I had seen him briefly, my nobility getting me an audience after the show. He tasted sweet and unspoiled, intelligent and young. I felt a little bad but innocent blood would cleanse my system, not only that but the blood of the pure will keep me human-like, if I drank from scum like murderers and thieves I would become a ruthless killer too: lessons I learned with heavy costs. It cleared my mind too; let me put the last few nights transgressions behind me. I decided to go back to Lazarus, though I waited for the night to draw in first so I could give up the rogue batman look.
Though I dropped into the music store to pick up a violin, one of the best there... But I glamoured the guy behind the counter so I didn't have to pay, such tricks don't work on werewolves unfortunately else that pack would be gone sharpish.
I walked straight into his house, to find him practicing the piano, the tv low in the background. My skin felt warm, I had a flush in my cheeks and a peachy coloured sheen over my body. I walked in slowly, sitting down on the edge of the couch silently. He kept playing and I listened, I didn't want to interrupt him and I hadn't heard him play in a while.
After a little longer he looked at me and I smiled, still strangely unwilling to say anything as if I'd now interrupt the silence. But as the silence ensued I pushed myself to speak: "I didn't want to interrupt you," he simply shrugged and I nodded somewhat awkwardly as I held up the new violin, "I brought you a present."
He seemed surprised, but happy as I handed it over to him, "what did I do to deserve this?"
I hummed in pondering, "for being you," I smiled and he smiled back, thanking me for it. I was glad he was happy, I'm glad through all his alcohol he was smiling again. I stood, beckoning him toward me with open arms. He wrapped his huge arms around me and I almost purred, laughing slightly. He was so warm and I felt so safe being wrapped within his masculine form. He hummed back and I squeezed him a little tighter; "I feel so safe here, with you."
He kissed my head and I close my eyes, "glad to hear it."
"And I'm glad you're finally smiling again," I whispered against the soft rise and fall of his chest.

"Well I was scared you were going to leave me. I didn't have much reason to smile when I thought that," oh dear Lazarus... Bane was right, you have fallen for me rather quickly; well it’s alright because I love you too and I...

"I'll make you a promise: I never will. So you'll be able to smile always," and I would be there for every moment. I love you. I won’t let you go again.

He smiled widely and I couldn’t help but smile back, "Thank you. I'll try not to fuck up again," oh how he manages to wreck a romantic moment just like that.

"I hope we'll... I'll never be put in a situation like that again." He nodded and I looked up at him, my eyes meeting his, “I will never let you go,” my voice was soft and the very words made me feel so warm inside, better than any blood ever could. He placed his lips on mine and I kissed him back softly and lovingly with my eyes slowly sliding closed.  His hands moved down to my hips and I found myself leaning closer into him, my leg rising upward and I smiled as he lifted me up. “I love you,” I whispered and I felt his breath run over my cheek.

“I love you too,” he whispered and I almost melted into his arms right then, in fact I did, I just melted into him. He picked me up, carrying me up to the bedroom and I smiled up at him all the time... I wasn’t sure I was up to what was going to happen, but, I wanted to make him as happy as he had just made me by speaking those words. He kissed me, his tongue snaking into mine and his hands wandering over my body. I love you...


When I awoke, I found myself not in his arms. No, I was not in his house nor mine neither was it warm. This place was dark and I could hear water trickling in behind me, I blinked and noticed in fact there was a window behind me, and the rain ran down it, penetrating the wooden frame. The next thing I realised, rather foolishly not first, was that I was tied to a chair with metal bars lined in front of me. I could hear others, their breathing was shallow but their blood was supernatural. I could think of only one explanation – I’d been kidnapped by hunters and from the moonlight filtering through the window... it was gonna be full moon tomorrow. I was hopeful, full moon meant Bane and hopefully, my blood connection might just call him to me. So, might as well be calm.

The End

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