Melissa: CloserMature

When I woke up one arm was still tightly clinging to Lazarus, my head was a bit blurry and one of my hands rested on his crotch. Wow, I must’ve gotten drunk last night; at least it’s gone now, all clear... eugh, God I don’t want to know what I said to him, I hate being drunk. He was still half asleep though, so I softly planted my lips along his neck and he tilted his head away from me with a sleepy hum. So, I stuck out my tongue and ran it against the length of his neck, “eww,” he whined and I giggled. He pulled a pillow over his head and I whined.

“Aww, don’t be like that.” He pulled away the pillow and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. I kissed his cheek, “so, what damage did I do last night?” he told me and I nodded, “I wouldn’t have quite said it like that.”

“At least you liked it,” he laughed.

"I did more than that," I pretended to stop myself, "Ah, must be the alcohol still," I laughed. He kissed my neck and drew a hum from my lips, "I never lie, even when drunk." I muttered as I kissed his cheek.

"Mm, but truth spills quicker with alcohol,” you’d know all about that now wouldn’t you?

"Ah, but I have nothing to lie to you about, I fucking love you and everything to do with you." Well, that was sharper than I thought it would be.

He wrapped his legs around one of mine; bring him as close as he could to me: "I love you too." Oh, I could’ve screamed with joy. But instead I just remained silent. "I said it last night, but you were drunk" *shrug*

"I forgot... I missed the first time you said it," I frowned and he reminded me that he had just told me I was drunk, yeah, thanks. “Bane did mention you were falling quickly for me.”

“Did he? Well he’s an idiot.” Aww, poor pup. Hehe, he’d hate me if he heard that.


He squirmed uncomfortably and I frowned, “I dunno,” he grumbled.

I pushed my lips to his and smiled, “I’m sure it doesn’t matter.” He kissed me back, his heart jumping all over the place. Aww, it was like he was nervous or something, I didn’t see how when he was entwined around me. I rested my head against him, “You’re so cute,” I giggled.

He blushed, “Why?”

"Your heart is all over the place and the fidgeting like mad, if I didn't know better I'd say you were nervous."

He fidgeted again, "m'not"

"I don't see why either when you're entwined so tightly around me," I kissed from the base of his neck down his chest and smiled. He played with my hair and I smiled a little wider, ahh, you’re so sweet. He wrapped my hair around his fingers and let go again and I couldn’t help but smile. My wolf and no one was gonna get between me and my wolf... well, I wasn’t ultimately sure about that. “Will you be mine?”

“Yes,” he spoke almost immediately and I felt relieved, though, it meant he wouldn’t cheat on me I still had reservations about those kids of his.

“Good,” I muttered, “but right now I’m hungry,” drunks can get you intoxicated but the alcohol in their system stops us from getting the stuff we need from blood and my stomach was growling. He nodded and I smiled weakly, “I’ll see you soon?”

“I’ll be here,” I figured he would. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t trust myself just yet with hunger around wolves. Stupid fucking pack.

The End

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