Melissa: All For The Love of a WolfMature

I woke to Lazarus missing again, I will admit, I followed them, I listened at the door and heard everything... I was once a werewolf? That’s ridiculous let alone the rest of the bull they spouted. Eventually my blood began to boil and despite all my better judgements I threw open the door. “You can’t keep him here!” I screamed, feeling all the eyes of the pack staring at me... oh crap. This pack, is gonna rip me to shreds. Melissa, you fucking idiot.

“I think you’ll find we can.” This large, coloured man looked at me, dark hair and eyes... he terrified me. But I stood, looking at him my face cold and hard, I even ignored Lazarus.

“The uh... human law says differently! This is kidnap!" I had nothing on my side, apart from a slight advantage in intelligence.

"And we're not humans, so what's your point, leech?" Umm...

"If the police were to come over here, you would have to adhere to them." Exactly, and if they were to slaughter the force they’d be hunted by every supernatural and hunter around.

"I'm not sure I've ever come across a cop in this town in the whole time we've been here,” he snarled. Crap, that was a good point too.

 "Then I'll get the mayoress... Isis.” She had some power to her, I know it... I could hear it in her blood.

"I'm intrigued to know how you'll get there to tell her," Oh, you underestimate me and my kind.

"I'm quick,” I turned to run, but I needed to build up the pace a little first, they were quick too. One of the large wolves near the door grabbed me, pinning me to the ground. "Get your filthy mutt paws off of me!" I screamed and squirmed but nothing happened. Instead I got tied to a chair, the pack looming over me.

“You are a monster and Lazarus needs to see it.”

“I’m not a monster!” I protested.

"Oh yeah?" Kito brought out a knife as another led Lazarus into the room, “You have to understand this, Lazarus. These creatures are nothing but trouble and danger.”

I stopped my breathing, hanging my head from him: "Lazarus, I'm sorry I failed."

"It's fine, these nut jobs are determined" he tried to shake the wolf off that was holding him, but to no avail either

“I am not a nut job,” Kito muttered, holding his arm over my head, I looked up to see the knife brought close to his arm. I asked him what he was doing, but it was made clear when he slit his arm, the blood spilling over me... no. I moved my head away but he held me still. My breathing accelerated and my hands clenched. No, I will fight this. I closed my eyes to stop them from seeing them turn red as I fought myself. I am not a monster... I am not a monster.

“I am not a monster!” I cried.

"You are. Lazarus has to see it. He doesn't belong with your kind." Blood still spilled over me, running over my chest and over my face. It filled my senses.

“No!” I screamed, my fangs lengthening to try and reach his arm.

“Leave her alone,” Lazarus muttered and I could barely fight it any longer. Yeah, I know, I broke easily, but you don’t get what it’s like.

“Lazarus, I love you,” I murmured before finally giving up to the burning inside. My tongue reached up for Kito’s arm. I was ashamed of what I became then, like a dog reaching for meat I snapped for the blood, lapping it off my face, he tasted great... werewolf blood the crème de la crème and the room was full of them! My pupils dilated and I looked around at all the potential meals here.

"See? There's no control over it. She'll only end up killing you,” it’s only like me putting you in front of the full moon and telling you not to change and if you do, I’d call you a monster. They were breaking me down and I had no idea why.

"Just let her go. She's never done anything to you, neither of us have." Lazarus... save me.

"Give me it!" I snapped and he laughed in my face.

"No,” he let his arm heal over, "leave her here to calm down," he commanded and I breathed slowly as he steered Lazarus into the next room. I can’t leave Lazarus, but I don’t wanna stay here. I had the strength to break out from the chair but surrounded by these wolves I had no chance.

All this because I fell in love with a wolf.

The End

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