Aria: Are You Kidding Me?Mature

The big wolf brutes carried in the unconscious Lazarus and I sighed, standing at Kito’s side once again. My heart raced, I wasn’t completely sure what was going on. I feared Kito would do something to me, I feared Lazarus too would end me. I am young enough to be human... I am a young and weak wolf... with two old wolves here I did fear that something would happen. I turned to run away but he caught my arm, squeezing tightly. “I can smell your fear, Aria,” he whispered, his breath penetrating my ear as it burst forth from his gritted teeth. “You failed me.” The words rang clear; the closeness of him to me sent naughty shivers down my spine. I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or terrified and that made me fear him more.

We stood over Lazarus, waiting for the drugs to subside. I wanted to leave; my wolf begged for freedom and whined in the pit of my stomach. “You will stay,” Kito dictated, “you will give Lazarus a reason to stay. If I have to bring Annie and her brother in to make the reason instead, you will be punished... and no, you can wipe those disgusting thoughts from your head.” I stood to attention as he yanked my arm down. How was I supposed to make Lazarus stay? He wasn’t interested in me; I couldn’t get him to like me... I can’t get close to him without the stench of vampire stinging my nose. Though I was curious, I wanted to fail... how could Annie do any better than me?

His eyes flickered and Kito thrust me toward the table and I stood, my lips inches from his with a smile masking the contempt I held for him. He groaned and I smiled a little wider, “good morning, my sleeping prince.”

“Where am I?” His voice was still heavy-laden with chloroform. I sat up on the table, running a hand over his leg.

“Home, the pack home, your home,” he seemed annoyed, frustrated, yet, in his delirious state not much could be done.

He pushed my hand away and I shook my head, "What part of not interested do you people not understand?" He sat up and held his head and I smiled, jumping up on the table and straddling him.

"Come now, don't be like that.”

"What're you doing?"

"I'm convincing you to stay," I put my hands down to his trousers and carefully undid them, parting the zipper.


"Really?" I bit my lip and stroked him through his underwear, I knew Kito wouldn’t let me get far with him but it still made him uncomfortable.

"Why're you doing this to me?" He whined, unable to fight back... although, nothing happened through my efforts and I was genuinely disappointed. He felt nothing from me, the first time I had been rejected on such a level.

"Orders, from the chief..." I sighed, rubbing a little harder, my hand snaking under his pants.

He flopped back onto the table, "No, c'mon just let me be," still, no reaction. I pulled back my hand and growled. Kito looked happy with himself, at the disappointment I felt. He pulled me to him and I sighed: “I’ve failed, I’m sorry.” But at least now... I could see what lil’ Annie could do – the purebred, the wolf-born.  Though, her brother Lucas... with his blonde hair and green eyes he may be a snobby high-born pure wolf but he was hot, not that I had a choice, he never liked women that just threw themselves around he was looking for his one ‘mate.’

Annie poked her head around her corner, her blonde waves framing her face, her green eyes soft as she looked upon Lazarus who was doing up his trousers. “Dad?” She murmured and I almost died with laughter... inside, I had Kito squeezing my hand so hard it might drop off. They were Lazarus’ kids? That was stupid, how could they? If he didn’t know Kito his kids couldn’t be part of our pack. He didn’t really notice, he was too focused on me, I find it hard to believe that if they were his kids he would just ignore them like that.

"Lazarus... dad?" She walked forward with slight trepidation whilst her brother stayed back in the safety of the pack.

His attention was finally captured by her, "What the...?"

 "Don't you remember us? It hasn't been so long ago."

"Remember who? What the fuck are you talking about? I don't know any of you." Aww, she was upset, I could see her almost about to break into tears. She was never good with her emotions bless her weakness.

"Father, I'm your daughter, how could you forget such a thing!"

Lucas finally piped up, "He's a boozer, remember? Of course he's forgotten us." She shook her head, they hardly ever agreed but when they did they were strong and when one was in trouble the other would be there in a heartbeat.

"He couldn't have drunk that much! How could he ever forget us?" Her lip trembled and tears almost spilled from her eyes in buckets.

He closed his eyes and I let a little giggle escape my lips: "This is all a bad dream. I'll wake up in a minute,” I didn’t think Kito thought this through; if anything he was pushing him away.

"No... No, we really are your son and daughter. When you were in Paris."

“I was in Paris?”

“Yes with... with... Melissa. The mother who abandoned us. She broke your heart."

He frowned, this story was getting better and better, if this was a scheme Kito thought up to get him to stay it was genius, but it wouldn’t work... he overdid the details a bit. "Melissa? I only met her a couple weeks ago."

"She's a were, our mother... Kito told us everything you loved her so much." A werewolf? That dead zombie? Couldn’t have been the same Melissa... lots of people have been called Melissa.

"She's a vampire." Exactly right, ol’ boy. I actually want him to leave at this point, I felt sorry for him having to sit and listen to Kito’s emotional story, that I didn’t want a fang-banger anywhere near me in the pack.

"Oh, give up, both of you. He's forgotten us. Just accept it already. Mum abandoned us and then he did."

"Lucas... no..." She shook her head and ran into Lucas’ arms with tears streaming down her face, a sight you get used to when you’ve been around the twins for long enough. I nodded, geez, this story was a little twisted.

Lazarus groaned, “this is fucked up, even for me.” I agree with you, for once Blondie, I’m on your side.

Kito stood forward: “Enough. Lazarus, all this is true, you have a son and a daughter here. You have a reason to be here, you were once our Beta and we cannot let you leave again. Come on, this is your home,” he held out a hand for Lazarus to take and I was in hysterics in my head, would he really believe all this? I mean, even Kito’s face was dead serious and set. I almost started believing it myself.

The End

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