Lazarus: Sweet.Mature

After escaping from those wolves earlier on and finding Melissa in tears over a dream she had, I figured I deserved the cigarette I was sat outside enjoying. Mind, I enjoyed the sex better. I looked around as the scent of another wolf drew closer. Were they stupid or something? Wasn’t it obvious enough to them that I wanted to be left alone? I’d been a lone wolf long enough, I didn’t need a pack now.

That woman that had been with the alpha before was here, alone. She walked over to me and I didn’t even bother getting up. If she caused any trouble, I could subdue her with next to no effort. Did they really think that they’d coerce me into going with her? Her nose was all wrinkled up. What was her problem?

"What d'you want?" I asked.

"I've come on request of Kito... God, you reek of death. You didn't...."

"Didn't what?"

"Didn't screw that disgusting rotting corpse."

"She's not disgusting. And closer inspection told me she definitely wasn't rotting," I chuckled to myself, taking in a fresh lungful of smoke.

"It's gross. She's dead. She's sucks blood. She stinks. She's disgusting and lifeless."

"Drinking blood isn't any worse than eating meat."

"We don't eat our own kind, we don't eat human. Those that do, are shunned. I..." I almost laughed at that. Vampires aren’t human, so why would it bother them if they fed on humans? The wolf let out a growl, "I am not here to express my own opinion. Kito has invited you to the pack house."

"Tell him I'm not interested."

"I can't walk back and say I failed!"

"Sure you can. He'll punish you and everyone will move on with their merry little lives, including you," I ground my cigarette into the ground, hoping I could just talk my way out of going with her. I wasn’t going. There was no fucking way I was going.

"Excuse me, I'll be punished, possible beaten, possible just denied sex for eternity for you not realising you should be with us and not some...some... leech!"

"Why's it such a big deal what I do? If I'd belonged with your pack before then fine, but I don't know any of you. Seriously, just leave me alone."

"Hey, I don't know you, but Kito... Kito knows you, the smile he gave when he saw you... Goddamnit! Am I not more beautiful than that - I use the term loosely - 'woman' in there? Am I alone not worth you becoming part of our pack? You will have me, you know..." she winked and her voice got all suggestive.

“Look lady,” I growled, standing up, “I’ve had enough meaningless sex in my life, okay? So no, you alone are not a reason to join the pack. As for Kito, I’ve never met him in my life.”

She laughed, "And that wasn't meaningless? You don't think once she's had enough she'll throw you away? What does your wolf say? Does he not yearn to be away from her disgusting kind?”

“No. If he does, he hasn’t said anything.”

"I don't seem to believe you. But you'll come crawling when she bleeds you and leaves you to die. You'll come crawling when she's had enough of your body. You'll come crawling eventually and when you do, our doors may just have closed... this offer is limited, Lazarus. Do not be so stupid." I let out a snort. Being stupid would be going with you.

“I don't want to be a part of this pack, okay?"

"You are a fool!" she shouted, storming off.

"If you say so," I called after her. I think I heard a door slam somewhere across the town. Shaking my head in disbelief, I wandered down into the town to go get myself  a bottle of something for the evening. While I was standing there trying to decide what I wanted, since I was limiting myself to one thing, I heard someone else come in the shop. Of course, I didn’t think anything of it until they walked right over to me and slapped a sweet smelling napkin over my face. I had to hand it to them, those wolves were determined.

The End

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