Aria: Is There Really A Choice?Mature

I liked Kito... I liked being close to Kito, that is, you always swing with the most important guy, don’t you? It’s smart and that’s me, I’m one smart lass. Right now I was staring straight at a strapping lad who looked like he’d stepped out of a film-set. He seemed on edge though and I wanted to calm him down a little, cool his jets... or maybe I just wanted to ruffle his feathers a little, I wasn’t sure but give me a night with him and I’d certainly show him why I’m so popular within the pack.

I watched Kito greet him, a smile springing to his face which I hadn’t seen for a while. Well, since last night really. I trained my eyes on the cherub before me, slinking behind Kito; I did keep behind Kito, I didn’t want to anger him and although I was curious, I certainly wouldn’t give up my privileges with him. I fluttered my eyes, ensuring he caught my sight... oh honey, you are a fine piece of ass. He backed off a little and I had a feeling he felt a little intimidated – Kito was a strong, large build of a man. My lips pulled upward slightly, “Where ya goin’ sugar?” I smiled, my sweet accent lacing my rouged lips.

“Um, out of your way, nowhere, I don’t know,” he looked around, shuffling his feet nervously, aw bless his lil’ socks.

 "Aww, now don't let this big hunk scare you," I brushed my lips tantalisingly against Kito’s cheek and let them linger there as I continued, "You can't just leave us in the dust like that."

"Can't I?"

I shook my head, my ebony curls bouncing around as I linked my arms around Kito’s. "It'd be a great shame.”

"Why's that?"

"Don't want to know me better?" I giggled and bit my lip, playing with it as I locked my eyes and his "...and Kito looks like he wants to know you better too."

"Why d'you want to know me?" Oh dear me, he was really in a little tarry. Did I really have to explain a young girl like me would be interested in such a fine specimen as him? I mean, I am a double-edged sword, but, treat me right and I can melt right into your hands...

"You're cute," I giggled again, tossing my hair into a little flurry.

"I don't think I'm Kito's type,” oh who said anything about Kito? I’m sure he has his reasons and I have mine...

I looked up at Kito, his smile and stares still focused on this man. I mean, I bet I could’ve dropped to my knees in front of him right there and he wouldn’t have noticed. "What's that smile for, big guy?" Lazarus backed off a little more, "nothin'" Kito remarked.

"Humph," I tightened my grip around Kito’s arm, hoping I could at least get a little flicker of a smile toward myself... to no avail. I looked back at Lazarus with a childish pout, "Guess we can't play today, honey."

"Why were you watching me earlier?" Lazarus looked at Kito and I swear I must’ve been invisible, I might as well have been! I swear, if I had stripped naked there and then not a single one would bat an eye-lid. Men, honestly!

"Because we heard you last full moon. We were curious,” Lazarus fell silent and I looked between them, oh goody, they didn’t completely forget about my existence.

"Mmm... curiosity killed the cat," I smiled seductively, my tongue gliding over my bottom lip.

"Might kill the dog too, huh?" Lazarus laughed and I smiled, oh, I was getting somewhere... good.

"Only if he hangs out with vampires." Now that Kito said it, I did smell that on him... the stench of death, slightly rotting bodies and blood. No perfume can mask the smell of a vampire; they’re foul beings that have long since earned their nickname of ‘leeches.’

I recoiled, moving further behind Kito, "Eugh, you let a Fanger bite you? That's disgusting!"

"I believe he has a soft spot for her too. Am I right?" Lazarus shook his head and Kito sharpened his stare. "Liar." Short, sharp, lethal. Ahh, oh Kito how I love how you do that.

"How can he prefer her company to ours?" I snickered, my face screwing up at even the thought.

"I didn't know if I was welcome,” he chewed his lip... this was not my area, something had transpired between these two and I didn’t want to become part of it. I only become part of the present and future, the past is best left buried... like vampires.

"His call," I nuzzled Kito’s back, feeling my wolf almost purr at the contact.

"Only if you stop hanging out with the leech,” Lazarus trained his eyes to the floor, "Well?" Kito was giving him his choice. Why wasn’t he taking it?

"I..." he faltered and I couldn’t believe it, could he really have feelings for a member of the walking dead? All they deserved was to have their hearts pierced with a stake... in fact, they deserved worse than that. I rested my head on Kito’s arm and he moved it around me, making me move my arms around his waist... it seemed almost romantic being stood like this. Ahh, but I wasn’t thinking of romance. Though, my libido will be quickly flattened by the blonde, stuttering Annie, "She... I... don't know!"

"Your choice: your own kind or... the disgustingly, disgraceful dead."

"My own kind have never been too friendly with me before, why would you start now?" Oh, I could forgive any transgression for you...

"Because that was the past, and if you keep hanging around with the leech, we'll be a whole lot less friendly." Yeah, I wouldn’t appreciate being ditched for a leech. The fact that she drank from him was bad enough but... he couldn’t have slept with her yet, he didn’t stink like a vampire... not as bad as he would if he had intertwined himself with her.

“Well, your choice... Lazarus. Is there really a choice though?” Come on, you have to see the answer here, Blondie!

The End

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