Lazarus: Hello.Mature

That bottle of whiskey was like a godsend. I mean, I could’ve done with a bit more, but it was like being presented with water after a few days in the desert with nothing. Melissa was watching me, but I wasn’t drunk. It takes quite a lot to get me drunk.

"Feeling better?" she asked me.

"Yeah, thank you,” I smiled.

"I'm so glad..." she returned the smile and we shared a kiss. I let out a hum at the feeling of her lips against mine, glancing out of the window. I was convinced I saw something moving out there. “What's wrong?"

"I thought I saw... nothing,” I muttered, slapping on a smile.

"Hmm, sure?"

“Yeah. Must've just been my imagination," I told her. I wasn’t so sure, but y’know. It was plausible, I s’pose, given the hallucinations I’d been having lately.

"Oh, okay," she planted a kiss on my cheek with a nod while I played with her hair. A yawn pushed its way through her lips and she smiled. "I think I need to sleep..." I carried her to her bed downstairs earning myself her thanks and a kiss. I stayed with her there, letting her snuggle up to me until she was asleep. Carefully, once I was sure she wouldn’t wake up, I got up and snuck back upstairs. It hadn’t been my imagination that I’d seen something outside.

I walked out into the early morning light, using my nose to pick up on the scent left behind. There was a heavy layer of aftershave over the trail, but I could definitely smell wolf. Had one of the pack been here? I knew they were around somewhere, but I hadn’t gone looking for them. I didn’t think they’d be too happy about me being friendly with a vampire, let alone that I’d let her bite me.

I followed the trail anyway, right up til I reached the edge of the woodland. I didn’t fancy going in there on my own. I had no idea what the pack was like; it was potentially suicidal.

“Fuck!” I yelped when I turned around and pretty much walked straight into some guy that was probably half a foot taller than me, easily. And stank of wolf.

“Hello Lazarus,” he said with a smile I didn’t like one bit. 

The End

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