Lazarus: the point.Mature

She’s trying to help you, Bane told me. Bitch damn near sucked me dry, and that’s supposed to be helping me?

You’re crazy. I thought I was the one going nuts, but clearly it’s you. We were in the arms of a vampire, too weak to do a thing about it, and it was his fault.

She hit you with silver but she’s not a hunter and she’s not trying to hurt you, Lazarus, she’s trying to help and she’s not gonna hurt you again. She was the one that convinced you to give up drinking, remember? And that’s why you’re in this mess, because you went insane and forgot who she was.

If I forgot anything, it was because all the shit I kept at bay with alcohol was rushing me; that’s not my fault, Bane.

Kinda is.

Stupid wolf. Grumbling wasn’t going to help me, I was being taken back to that vampire’s house and there wasn’t a goddamn thing I could do about it now because he failed me when she started biting me.

I looked around. I had no control over what happened until I changed back, but I could still watch. Bane curled up in the front room where he was put down.

"Want a blanket... something to eat?"

“Something to eat,” he didn’t seem so afraid to use that mental connection now he was capable of getting something out of it. Hypocrite. The vampire disappeared and a few minutes later had what looked like half a cow in her hands. She dropped in front of me and Bane perked up just at the sight of it. As he chowed down on it, the vampire sat down, thankfully not too close by, and watched.

"It's okay? I didn't really know what you ate..." Bane just nodded, not even pausing as he tore another lump off, getting blood all over his face. She just kept watching and soon enough all that was left was the bones. Bane gnawed on one contentedly, not bothering to stop to answer the vampire’s question.

"Does this mean you trust me?”

"You pledged your life. Even in this state I could kill you, and you know it."

"I know, and when this is over and Lazarus is safe again it will be you that chooses my fate. I guess I just wanted to hear you say it... rather than jumping to a conclusion... that would be rather stupid of me considering I'm dealing with a huge wolf."

“Lazarus is trying to do this for you, not because of you. When the horrors in his head die down, I’m sure he’ll remember. And for that reason, I won’t kill you. Not unless you betray him.”

"I still think he needs a drink, he shouldn't just cut off completely," she murmured, "though I don't like the idea.” Why did this vampire seem so familiar now I had no choice but to look at her properly? And why the fuck would I be giving up drinking for a vampire?

“Going cold turkey after two hundred and fifty years of drinking does seem stupid. But then he is stupid.”

"I disagree, but then again I disagree with what he thinks about you too," she smiled slightly, "I don't believe it was me that led him to this."

“Oh, you think it was me?” we’d fought it out together years ago.

"Don't Bane, I hurt enough for it as it is.” Bane didn’t say anything to that. "One day I hope you accept that I'm not just some blood-sucking monster... I think you're beautiful," she pulled her knees up to her chest. Where did I know her from?

“Lazarus is trying to figure out where he knows you from,” he said after a while. Thanks for that mutt.

"I've known him for forever, it just took me a little while to remember."

“I know. It’s not me that needs to remember. It’s him.”

"He doesn't even remember me from a few days ago, Bane, I'm not going to get anywhere."

“He needs to remember why this is happening to him. I won’t be changing back for a while yet, so he’s not going anywhere. So talk.” Bane wasn’t even asking her. He was ordering her. Why did it mean so much to him? I probably only remembered her from when I was being hunted by vampires, so what was the point?

The End

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