Melissa: DAMMIT CHANGE!Mature

Lazarus had forgotten who I was... why did these things always happen to me? Why couldn’t I find a man, love him, be happy with him, without him dying, attempting to kill me or run away. I tried to get to Bane before he left but there was no such luck. I would have to force him to change then, find him and convince Bane to help me. They were separate entities in the same body which should mean he was not insane. I went into a closet, which, if I knew me would contain my father’s anti-were gun. I grinned, picking up the silver bullets and gun and jumping to the roof of my house. I set it up and watched, using my nose and intense eye-sight to scope him out.

One shot, graced the bark of a tree near his head which caused him to break into a run, another forcing him to bank left. I was not trying to hit him; I was trying to force him to turn where he couldn’t interfere with me and Bane. One final bullet graced his leg causing him to yelp and dart up a nearby tree. Oh perfect – Change already!

He slowly moved from tree to tree and I growled, shouldering the rifle I jumped to the tree before him. Yes, I realise what you’re thinking... in fact exactly what he said next: ‘The fuck?’ I told you once before, I am the fastest vampire around here. A little on the wild side this chasing and shooting but I really needed to talk to Bane... if Lazarus was so bad it was affecting his memory then something would be wrong. Very wrong.

“Change, now!”

“You're a psycho. What're you expecting me to change into?" Wait, wait, wait... things are a little worse than I thought. No, a lot fucking worse than I thought.

"You're kidding me." I sighed, I was not in the mood for any of his craziness, "you're a werewolf, change into your wolf, were."

"You shot me in the leg, why should I do what you ask me to?"

"Because it's for your own good if you do. Just try." He began to back away and I pushed him, hoping the fall would kick in his defence mechanism and therefore force him to change. “Bane...!”

“Get away from me vampire!” He shouted, staggering away from the shot but I jumped on him causing him to fall from the floor. When he fell I sunk my teeth into his neck, whispering my non-stop apologies. He yelled, trying to kick me off but I just sunk in harder, drinking and drinking. It was so sweet yet I hated every moment. I could hear the beautiful song getting dimmer as he kicked and screamed at me, yelling, shouting... until his body started to convulse. I pulled away, watching him change.

“Bane,” I dropped down to one knee, I would pledge him as my elder as I would in a coven but I would not get on my back for him, he struggled to stand and I rushed to help him, keeping myself lower than him as I used my new-found strength to keep him up. “I’m sorry, so, so sorry.” He whimpered and I hoped it hadn’t affected him too. I bowed my head. “I need your help, Bane. For this I would pledge my life to you,” I realised he might just take it to, “I would do anything you wished.”

"Why d'you need my help? It's hard enough trying to stop Lazarus going bat shit insane,” I breathed a sigh of relief, a true breath this time, the last one in my body I figured. I was so glad to see he was okay... despite the fact he was a pathetic mongrel pup.

"Exactly. I figured you'd be the only sane one in there. I want your help... I want to help you to get him back."

"I'm trying, vampire, but you haven't seen it in here. He's a mess," I don’t have to see into his head to see there was something wrong, something seriously, seriously wrong. He forgot me... he forgot he was a werewolf for Christ’s sake!

"Is there nothing I can do? Maybe, you could try to right the past wrongs in his head and I could try to build him a life anew?"

"I wouldn't know how to right any of this." I whined, if he didn’t know how would I? He’s been with Lazarus longer than I.

"I don't know either but I would give my soul to whoever could fix this." I wrapped my arms around his neck, "What triggered this?" I asked. I figured he would know but I didn’t want the answer in case it was simply: “You.”

"You told him he had a problem, next day he flipped out when he was drunk and destroyed most of the ground floor of the house, realised you were right and decided to stop right there and then. I'll hand it to him, aside from the drink you let him have yesterday, he hasn't touched a drop, but it's not done him much good either. People with lesser problems than this have died from the withdrawal alone." I nodded, he cared so much he gave himself away for me... was I that much of a heartless bitch to him?

So basically, simply put... me. "Christ, I knew it. How can I reach into that damn skull of his... how can I reach into that thick skull and pull him back?"

"Give him a bottle of something strong?" Would that work? Was that the miracle answer I was looking for? I asked him so and he replied: "No idea. You could try restraining him, but he did freak out and run." Great, between the two of us there were no ideas.

"Maybe I have to convince him I'm a blood-sucking vampire to get him back? I don't know Bane..." I buried my head in his fur, stopping myself from crying. "But I really want him back, if only for his sake." He sat down and allowed me to hug him – strange... "What if I play for him?" It was a last resort, a stupid idea but they were all we had.

“I don’t know, I need to rest,” he murmured and I sighed. Another last resort and a stupid idea.

"I apologise Bane... you understand I didn't do it do kill him." He nodded and flopped down onto the ground, his heart still weak. I would watch him from afar to make sure he was okay. I kissed between his ears and stood, “sleep well,” I muttered, watching him as I left.

"Wait, you're gonna leave me here in this state? There's more than one hunter in this town"

"I'll be watching... I wasn't shooting from a few centimetres away, Bane. You underestimate me." I grinned and sighed when he whined, flattening his ears to his skull, “you’ll need clothes anyway.”

“I won’t be changing back for a while...”

I sighed, bending my knees and lifting him up with the strength I gained from his blood, “but it’ll kill me when you do,” I murmured, carrying him back to my house.

The End

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